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  • Member: Undeadborn
  • Title: Dunkelblau
  • Premiered: 2007-07-07
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  • Song:
    • Rammstein Zwitter
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This AMV started as only an excuse to prove some digital effects and a few new ideas, but it ended up being an AMV.

    I wanted to get a Dark-Blue (Dunkelblau in german) style and flow like the trailer "Deep Dive" of Kingdom Hearts 2.

    The most that I show in this AMV are visual effects, I used a little of particles, filters and photoshop brushes. And a lot of masking.

    About the flow, the scenes have a continual relation, each have a similud with the next ones, that's why I think that is too much cold and calculated.

    The song that I have chosen don't have a direct relation about what the AMV shows, but really you can associate it with the narcisism of this games.
    I just show what the song makes me feel.

    The scenes mount have done about one week, the rest of 2 months I thought and implemented the effects.

    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
    Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro
    Adobe Photoshop CS
    Particle Illusion

    The local download it's the x264 version (Hight Quality)
    The indirect download it's the XviD version (Normal Quality)

    .:: Some Quick Comments ::.

    # [2007-07-14 15:07:43] Cool. I loved the whole stylized look in the video. Good work with the effects, and Rammstein's always fun. I didn't like the repeated scenes though. Really good work overall. -Sierra Lorna

    # [2007-07-13 11:49:52] Last video? Damn, thats a shame, you're a fantastic editor. I say keep going and try to top what you accomplished here! -N0OB

    # [2007-07-12 18:17:18] pretty cool job despite my lack of interest for generic oldmovie filters and such but props on making a good ff amv 6.7/10 ~GfN

    # [2007-07-10 16:58:21] Like I said in your thread, excellent eyecandy, great pace, but it seemed like there was little underneath (not that there's anything wrong with that in this case :P) - [Kristyrat]

    # [2007-07-10 13:40:08] nice! =}It wasent a great idea it was anwsome idea!

    # [2007-07-10 06:24:17] Effects = sex, sync = sex, overall = sex squared : ) - Digimortal

    # [2007-07-09 14:46:13] greatness =D

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