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  • Member: Kionon
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  • Title: Amore, et Da Capo
  • Premiered: 2007-07-07
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    • globe on the way to YOU
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    (Love, and Repeat from Beginning)

    When Nodame Cantabile was suggested to me as a possible anime I might like, I decided to take the plunge, not knowing what the anime was about at all. I am glad I did.

    For those of you who do not know, Nodame Cantabile is series that follows the school careers of several music majors, although most specifically Shinichi Chiaki and Megumi Nodame. The are polar opposites. Chiaki is academically inclined, eloquent, elegant, worldly, and a total gentleman. Nodame is lazy, self-absorbed, childish, and sometimes downright idiotic. Yet both are amazing musicians, although with very different philosophies... Yet, as opposites, they attract, and as yin and yang, they complete each other.

    This video is, hopefully, a ride through the series as I felt when watching it. The piano piece, On The Way To YOU, is by my favorite Japanese group, Globe. They have an amazing diversity of work spanning at least ten albums. There is a vocal version of this song, but words would actually have detracted from impact of this work. I chose this piece because it had special meaning to me, as I once tried to learn it as a music major.

    Not much of a piano player, but I did pursue trombone, clarinet, and voice, as well as conducting in order to one day lead my own orchestra while at Stephen F. Austin State University. In the end, my love of writing, and especially, reporting, overcame my love of performance, and the intense workload burned me out. Still, the love of music that my mentors instilled in me will forever be with me.

    This AMV is dedicated to Dr. Trent, head of Fine Arts Programming for Frisco Independent School District (and head of Frisco High School's band program while I was there), Mrs. Stulting, Assistant Band Director of Frisco High School, and Professor Anderson, former Assistant Director of Bands at Stephen F. Austin State University, now Director of Bands at Texas Tech University... And the Stephen F. Austin Trombone Line, "It's not too loud until you get the hand!"

    Special Thanks to: aesling, moon, and Glory Questor

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