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  • Member: SharinganBlue
  • Title: Escaping But Not Far
  • Premiered: 2007-07-05
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  • Song:
    • The Used the bird and the worm
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  • Comments: To first start things off, I used to be called Fantasy Angel but now instead I'm called SharinganBlue.

    Now for the video, its been a long time since I actually made one mainly because of a lot of work I had to do in college. So now that I had free time I was able to create a AMV using Death Note and the song from The Used called "The Bird and the Worm". After listening to this song, it made me think of how desperate Light was to get away from his insane plan of becoming a "god" so he continues to use pawns and his Death Note to accomplish this. It made sense to me, so I made a video out of it using the entire series.

    I know most editors use Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas. In the beginning, I use to use a beginners program called Windows Movie was crap. These days I now use Adobe Premiere Elements and that really helps a lot nowadays even though I still wish to use Final Cut Pro for once.

    I really worked hard on this video and I really think it turns out to be a great video. Hell maybe even better than my previous vids. Hope you enjoy watching it as I have fun working on it.

    On a side note: I even uploaded this AMV on YouTube until they suspended it...^_^; Here's the description I had.(Originally uploaded to YouTube on July 7, 2007 before uploading it to

    MAJOR SPOILERS! Episodes 1-37

    My first AMV to be uploaded on YouTube and made with Adobe Premiere.
    This AMV is probably the best vid I ever made and also the most wanted
    since this was about to be uploaded the third time. This AMV was created
    a week after the series finale of Death Note. Took me three weeks altogether
    to complete it and I'm proud of it.

    - I had over 3500 views altogether even with a few reuploads.
    - 80 times favored.
    - 5 star rating 70 times from people who watched this vid.
    - A little over 40 comments.

    In other words, its a really great AMV. Enjoy it once again!

    Program used: Adobe Premiere Elements
    Anime: Death Note
    Song: The Bird and the Worm
    Artist: The Used
    Created by me, SharinganBlue

    >--Won--< OhayoCon 08' - Drama/Serious category.
    >--Won--< Phoenix Cactus Comicon 08' - Best in Show.
    >--Won--< Anime Boston 08' - Drama category.
    >--Won--< Anime Detour 08' - Drama category.
    >--Won--< Tekkoshocon 08' - Drama category.
    >--Honorable Mention--< AnimeNEXT 08' - Drama category

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