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  • Member: A Flying Nun
  • Title: Wolf's Rain Tribute (Fixed)
  • Premiered: 2007-07-01
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    • Rammstein ft. TATU Odno I Tozje
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  • Comments: Here's the fixed version. hopefully it let's u get the whole thing now.

    This video i have been working on for about 3 days. It may not be my best vid, but i like it. I tried pretty hard, because at a lot of times i couldn't get things rite, so i had to make it all fit. The only thing that i would change is probably, that the song needs 2 be longer, that way i can capture the true essence and drama between Cheza and Kiba a little better.

    If u download this vid, and have not seen the anime, it surely isn't going to make it easy to understand, cuz my vid is pretty quick, and a lot of effects. practically throughout the whoel vid there's effects. So i hope that u enjoy this new vid from me.

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