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  • Members: Esrhan, Sivis
  • Studio: Arctic Tribe
  • Title: War Never Changes
  • Premiered: 2007-06-30
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    • Game Audio Fallout 2 Intro Credits
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  • Comments: Quick Description:
    This is an anime adaptation of the narrated Fallout 2 intro movie. It was composed by browsing various anime series and searching for screen shots that accurately matched with the original video's scenes. The aged film look was added and created to match that of the original as well.

    General Comments:
    This video was done for pure appreciation towards a great game.

    Created by two Finnish editors, Esrhan and Sivis, this video is a narrated story accompanied by various still shots. The goal was to stay true to the original Fallout 2 intro movie and maintain it's atmosphere as well as the visual description of the story. We also re-created the aged film look for this video and are quite happy how it came out looking. We even slowed the video down to 15 frames per second to achieve an even closer feel for the original intro. It also brought down the filesize to our advantage.

    The credits you see on the left and right side of the video are also adapted from the original intro. We adjusted the titles and added relative names to them, which include the actual credits for this video (anime used and so forth) as well as some that are there just for the look and style.

    Since our video is strongly aimed for those who know the Fallout games, I believe there is some additional info required for those who are not familiar with the game. The baseline is that the narrator tells the tale of how the world became a post-apocalyptic place due to a nuclear war, and how some survived it in big underground vaults. The mentioned vault dweller is the character you played in the first Fallout game. The idea here is to tell what happened in the past, and how the intro sets you up for the present situation of the game. The narrating itself is pretty self-explanatory, if you were to consider it as a plausible outcome of what might happen in our future. It also tells how one man managed to save the world and how you are now going to continue to survive in the world described so far. That's where the game then actually starts.

    We hope you can enjoy this video, wheter you know the the Fallout games or not. Some advice we offer is that you forget the anime that are included in this video, because we used the still shots completely out of context. Crank up the volume and enjoy the story. That's about it.

    Additional Info:
    People mentioned in this video in order of appearance: (i.e. Dewelopers list)
    Esrhan, Sivis, Trythil, Janzki, Minion, FoxJones, Partsa, Fall Child42, Streicher and Kit.

    Local download is an MP4 file with a h.264 video and AAC audio . If you are having trouble playing the video, then I suggest downloading the VLC Media Player or installing the CCCP codec pack.

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