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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: In Our Garden
  • Premiered: 2007-06-29
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    • Аквариум Hyperborea in Memoriam
    • Aquarium Hyperborea in Memoriam
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    That basically describes this video, just as it does the 11th episode of Romeo x Juliet, a favorite with me this season. The episode takes place after a rather intense string of dramatic events, and I honestly loved it so much I thought I'd step out of my usual dark artsy weirdness and put out something a little more positive.

    And so it is.

    In a phrase, "Short and sweet". Nothing unexpected or complicated here, but I think it's more than justified by a good match with video/audio.

    Also, no real spoilers here, and in fact those who hadn't seen the series yet - well, if you've any affinity for romance, hope this one can help sway you to watching RxJ!


    Music - Akvarium - Hyperborea in Memoriam

    "In Greek mythology, according to tradition, the Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace. Their land, called Hyperborea, or Hyperboria ("beyond the Boreas (north wind)"), was perfect, with the Sun shining twenty-four hours a day."

    Akvarium was a pioneering musical unit, one of the first Russian rock bands to appear in the Soviet underground in the early 1970s, and remarkably - still going at it! Their work is distinguished by usually-mild instrumental work and intricately-crafted lyrics that feature a lot of religious allegory. In particular, Buddhist themes (told in a very indirect way) seem to be prominent in their later work. Akvarium is led by Boris Grebenschikov, known to his fans as B.G., a former engineer with both a seemingly subdued and highly eccentric personality at the same time.

    The music track used here is a sort of intermission as used on their 1997 album entitled "Hyperborea".



    Editing time: 6-7 hours.
    Actually that's quite a bit for such a short and simple video. I'm happy with it however.
    Needless to say, there is absolutely nothing strikingly technical or incredibly creative here. The footage and music really carry the mood here without needing all that much interference, to be honest.

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    To jasper-isis for initial feedback, corrections and the video title!

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