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  • Member: SisLorenzo
  • Title: We Go East!
  • Premiered: 2007-05-22
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    • Nogu Svelo To the East (Idem na Vostok)
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  • Comments: Well, what should I say about this vid? It's my first serious attempt to make an AMV with Russian song. I'm very proud of making this AMV))) "Idem na vostok" ("We go East") is an OST of the film "Turkish gambit", it's performed by quite unusual band "Nogu svelo". I love them ^_^ And I love "Matantei Loki Ragnarok", it's the best anime!!!
    There's much synchronizing video with the text of this song, so I strongly reccomend those, who doesn't speak Russian, to read the translation, although it's too close to original, I didn't manage with making rhymes ^_^***


    The crescent keeps silence,
    Once again mysterious wind blew from the East

    The crescent keeps silence,
    Once again are making war Peterburg and Stambul

    Old crescent is hanging,
    Doesn't want, damned, to turn into the moon

    He's listening to songs,
    Sad songs about those who oppressed in captivity


    LIFE was hanging by single hair
    Check - and body's on the slippery bord

    Steel wanted mouthful of blood
    Steel was wheezing: "We go East!"

    Drums are still rumbling,
    But evil osmans surrend and surrend their towns

    Yatagans are still whistling,
    But there's fog in the sky, but new star lighted up

    Enemy's defeated,
    And mean betrayer's played his last gambit

    The crescent keeps silence
    And looks at leavining train with sadness



    In Russian there are two meanings of the frase "We go East". First is, of course, direction. But it can be also translated as "We go to the war with East" (they mean Turkey)

    This song is about war between Russia and Turkey (1877-1878)

    "Osmans" - the old name of Turks

    "Yatagans" - Turkish daggers

    Well... I have doubts whether translation "But new star lighted up" is correct. You see, in Russian this phrase may also mean "But new star was born", I used this meaning)))

    If you don't know, gambit is a trick in chess, when you gave to your opponent not very important figure in order to win intiative and win the whole game. One of the film's characters was betrayer and used this trick, trying to make Russian army lose the war

    I think, that's all notes that I have)))

    Please, comment the whole video and also say, what do you think about song, pli-i-i-z!!!^_^

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