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  • Member: B-ob
  • Title: Essence of Man
  • Premiered: 2007-07-21
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    • Chuck Lorre Two and a Half Men theme
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  • Comments: Well, I actually finished it. This was just meant to be something to pass the time, and really to poke a joke at the Convener of AV-Con. It's his head doing the lyrics bounce, and it's his face on the end shot. Without ruining the joke, he did a cosplay as that character. Hence the joke.

    Things that I was taught while making this video? Pacing makes such a huge difference. I am much happier with this video than some of my other works. Also, taught myself about masks, and using them to create frames. I also learnt that the unlimited track numbers in Vegas comes in handy. This video ended up with 22 layers.

    So, yeah. There it is.

    Edit: I should have uploaded this ages ago. The disembodied floating head of Mitchell (tm) proved to be quite popular. :P Anyway, it's up now. Go your hardest.

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