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  • Member: Deaths_ally
  • Studio: Netcenter productions
  • Title: Netcenter Productions - Cowboy Bebop - Tourniduet for a broken Planet
  • Premiered: 2003-02-19
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    • Superheist Torniduet for a broken planet
  • Anime:
  • Comments: it focuses on spike at the end of the series in the last 2 episodes... a large part on the last ep and the final fight.

    I felt the words "by the time you reach the end, you know you've gone too far" suited the end of the series well.

    This is an edited version of the song because the original is over 6 minutes and has a minute of silence after the section used for the video.

    I have now created a complete remaster of this video.
    using purely eps 5, 25 and 26.
    the remake has more of a storyline than the original version.

    The new version has improved timing, new footage and higher quality.
    it's the 15.4Mb Xvid file.

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