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  • Member: Emotive
  • Studio: Shadow Line Studio
  • Title: Unreal
  • Premiered: 2007-06-23
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  • Songs:
    • Ill Niņo Cleansing
    • Ill Niņo Corazon of Mine
    • Ill Niņo Turns to Gray
    • Ill Niņo Unreal
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    Music Artist: Ill Nino
    Songs: Unreal, Corazon Of Mine, Cleansing, Turns To Gray
    Programs used: Adobe Premiere pro 2.0 , After Effects 7.0 , VirtualDubMod , Zarx264gui

    At last,my new "big project" is finished (yes, "kill teh fucking enemy" doesn't count). Blah...Let me start off by saying how much work this needed - I have been working on this since shortly after Memories In The Dark, and I have put MANY hours of hard work on it. Many parts are mostly (or only) composed in After Effects. Once more I keep experimenting with stuff in this wonderful program (of course seperately from my amvs - I won't just throw my experiments in my amvs,lol) and learning stuff about it, but don't ask much,as I already have 2 students -.- (I'm not saying I'm an after-effects master or something, but I still can teach the basics to a starter).
    In the beginning,this was destined to be a whole amv using Ill Nino's Unreal. I had some problems with my dvd-rip clips being retarded and hella slow, so after I had tortured myself by working with these for many hours (amv time - about1minute10seconds) i thought of converting my clips to wmv and relinking them just before I exported - so i did,and so i didn't have to render 5seconds of the amv for about an hour anymore (lol),neither the editing was hella slow like before. One obstacle out of the way...
    As I continued to edit,at some point I realised that what I was doing was pointless. i had made a pretty awesome opening - beginning in my opinion,and then after the chorus it got really boring - the song itself got too boring for an amv after that point. But after the chorus I had finished about a minute more - what else could I do now? I was thinking it up for a few days,and the main idea was to delete the chorus and re-make it,using some other idea,to make it look good.But there was no idea to work that shitty chorus on... And suddenly,I got this brilliant idea - Why not use what I had made until the chorus,delete all the rest ,make a re-mix using more songs and keep on editing? It was pretty much a perfect idea,so I backed up my previous amv in case I regretted deleting all this stuff and started to do what i had in mind. In the end,it was much harder than i had expected..Choosing the songs and where to cut-remix them so that they would go well together was a big pain. Even as I progressed,I kept making changes to the remix, even deleting edited parts when I had to - it had to sound perfect. Using the right sound effects - transitions e.t.c., in the end I had a perfect remix to work on (actually I had progressed quite a bit when I had finished the remix completely), being composed of 4 tracks. Don't expect to see an amv with four songs thrown together,looking like 4 betas "remixed" in an amv and good-to-go - I actually worked hard for the remix and its good outcome, and, of course, avoiding scene repetition from track to track and giving each track its own unique style. Of course, my favorite track is the ending one,hehe... It's my favorite part of my favorite Ill Nino songm I did the Best i could at synching there, and especially the last part,synching all the beats with sword-clashes was pretty hard to get right but pretty rewarding...kinda reminded me of Bladebeat Graffiti,hehe again.
    I'm very happy with its size touching 4 minutes,even though no one seems to care if it's a 2 or 4 minute amv,taking the size for granted - this is Double the effort you know, peoples! And keeping a 4minute amv running smoothly from the beginning to the end without getting boring is certainly harder than to do so for a 2minute amv. Now you know why I can't stand not downrating someone's effort ranking when the amv is even Under 2minutes,lol..
    Eh,I guess that is about all I'll trouble you with in this video description - the rest, see for yourself in the actual amv. I know this piece of information doesn't belong to this video description, but i'm going back to my Death Note now..I'm at episode 33 and I'm so anxious on what's gonna happen now *shivers*. It's the most awesome anime ever,so you can expect an amv of this from me in the future... Bwahahaha! I will enjoy reaching episode 37 before Mike, and then asking him about his deductions and what he thinks is going to happen,like he always does to me.. =]
    Blah, Kadaj out! If you read the whole thing, either you're extremely bored or suspiciously interested - maybe even curious, or a fan of these things - you could even be a spy gathering intel, an agent trying to decode, a ... ok that's enough. Either way thank yoes!

    Thanks to my beta-testerz:
    -Autraya, who made 2 suggestions,of which I followed the 1 - found the other 1 unessecary!
    -Kevin, who made 1 suggestion, but I decided not to follow it, since not only no one else saw anything wrong with this part he wanted me to change,but me neither. Thanks anyway =]
    -Rrezz, who just thought it was awesome ;P
    -Zerolink, for just telling me to fix the aspect ratio -,- (it's a beta, and I warned you that I knew I had to change it before you saw it,damn,like I didn't know! And everyone,although warned,keeped telling me I had to change it,even though I knew I would have to change it - aaargh, normal people count quality out at betas! But thanks anyway)
    -Priscy, although I'm not sure she actually saw it,since she never talked about it - Umm thanks anyway!
    -Morgan just 'cuz she's the most awesome person ever!



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