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  • Member: Black Seventeen
  • Title: Run
  • Premiered: 2007-05-26
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    • Rob Zombie Run Rabbit Run
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  • Comments: I know, I know; Hellsing set to Rob Zombie has been done to death. But at least give me points for using a Rob Zombie song that no one has used yet. I wanted this ďmainstreamĒ video to be at least somewhat original, and considering that 99 percent of Hellsing videos are just clips of Alucard shooting everything in sight (including this one), that originality had to come from the song. I picked ďRun Rabbit RunĒ because it fit with Alucardís superiority complex so well. The video is all about how there really are no challenging opponents out there for him, and he slaughters all comers quite expeditiously.

    This is the first video that I have submitted to a contest or convention. In retrospect, submitting this video was probably a mistake. The audience at the convention seemed to respond much better to the comedy vids, as opposed to the action vids. I even had a comedy video all ready to go, but chose to submit this one instead. Live and learn, I guess. Needless to say, I didnít win anything, but the video got at least a somewhat warm reception.

    Being that this video was being submitted to a contest, I put a lot more effort into this video than my first one. Still, it took only about eight hours of total work on Windows Movie Maker. Overall I am very happy with how the action syncs up to the lyrics, and I thought the lip-synching to the opening monologue worked out very well. Since it is Movie Maker, however, donít expect a lot of flashy effects and transitions. Just as well; I donít feel that they would have added much to this video anyway. Iím happy with the final product, and have received nothing but compliments from people I have shown it to.

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