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  • Member: dextrosien
  • Studio: dExtrosien Productions
  • Title: Outfox the Ninja
  • Premiered: 2006-06-00
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  • Song:
    • Danny Kaye Outfox The Fox
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  • Comments: This is a silly video that I made using Naruto to a song called, "Outfox the Fox" which is sung by Danny Kaye. If you ever seen the movie, 'The Court Jester' then you should recognize it. I just thought it fit far too well and I made some attempts at lip syncing a bit even though it isn't perfect. Sorry, the quality is low, but the only way I know to get it under 100 Megs is to go with wmv. I hate the format, but haven't had a chance to experiment with much else that doesn't cause it to skip.

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