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  • Member: rhoda_b
  • Title: Everything Lain
  • Premiered: 2001-06-22
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    • Radiohead Everything In It's Right Place
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  • Comments: My first project! Comments and crits welcome.
    Summary: Weird song for weird anime ...or vice versa.
    I'm using Adobe Premiere 6.0 and VirtualDub 1.4d.

    -- 05 July 2001 --

    Alright let's try and be a bit verbose, shall we? Okay ... points to look for:
    The opening title has the Lain title background ... not moving unfortunately, and a font called loveletter.ttf that closely resembles the font used in the Lain vids. I found the font in my travels on web and can't remember where I got it from but if you want it just drop me a line.

    There are frequent repeating images that coincide with repeating phrases in the music itself - so please don't get put off by it. It fits the mood ... I think -_-;;

    Also near the end there's this cool fps maze clip that is in time with beat of the song. This was really freaky since I didn't have to fiddle with the clip timing at all. Both Radiohead and the creators of Lain being somewhat on the symbolic/obscure reference side I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the tempo has some significance ... but that's just me.

    There are also 3 text messages flashed at various times through the video ... yes the three repetition was used a lot wasn't it? ^-^;; They generally just give emphasis to the particular phrase sung at the time or echo my feelings about the clip.

    For those who have watched video the bit with the phrase "yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon" very nearly had the final clip of Lain standing in front of an open fridge ... but I thought the humour might be a bit off in comparison to the rest of the video.

    Anyways ... enough verbosity. The notion of having everything understood in the context of anything relating to Lain or radiohead just doesn't feel right. ^_~

    -- 06 August 2001 --

    Removed old version of "Everything Lain" 'cause I've just completed a modified version of it for CN Anime and mailed it off, but won't be releasing the video till after the con. Many thanks to all those who offered their opinions - I think it helped - I hope. ^.^;;

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