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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Broly, with Goku
  • Premiered: 2007-07-22
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    • Linkin Park WTH>You
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  • Comments: My preteen years were filled with a monkey tailed little boy.
    My fifteen years and after were filled with white-yellow haired body-builded warriors.
    Most of my gamer life was filled with beat-them-all titles speaking about star-filled balls and destruction of the earth.

    Dragonball (and its iteratives) definitely found a place in my life.
    I can complain today about how basic this show is, how commercial this show has turned through the years, etc.
    But still, Vegeta hold a special seat in my heart, and my dreams are still filled with flying people shooting at each others with giant fireballs.
    Recently, I thought it was time for me to make a tribute to one of my old obsessions. The question was how.

    DBZ amv are legions on the tube. 90% of them are crap. The last 10% are enjoying but they rarely give a new perception of the saiyajin family.
    Like my "Phoenix Wright became so numb" amv, I wanted to see what would I be able to do with an
    over-used song. The difficulty here is the anime, over-used too.
    "To be original without any original material ... "
    Here is the concept I wanted.

    My participation to the "Best Dragonball amv contest" increased up my determination to fufill my ideas. "With You" is a must-be choice. Half because the first DB amv I've seen was the Vegeta tribute of Otaku Vengeance on Linkin Park. Half because you could find hundreds of DBZ/With You amv on any streaming websites.

    But who would be the main actor ?
    What's about the less brained, the most destructive foe the Z soldiers have ever met ?
    Broly, certainly the most famous enemy from the movies/OVA. So famous he was honored of two sequels, and most of the DBZ fans consider him like a full part in the DBZ history, not like a mere commercial side-story.
    Broly, known as the less psychologically gifted character ("I wanna kill Goku because I hate his baby screams"), will be the perfect guinea-pig for my project.

    I tried to give him a better reason for his hatred behavior.
    Broly is the true legendary super-saiyajin, incarnation of the Great Ape spirit.
    His powers are monstruous. Everyone hates him, fear him, wants him to die.
    Goku is stronger than Broly, because he defeated him twice.
    So his powers are stronger than Broly's. But everyone loves him, respects him, and wants to stay with him.
    Goku has everything. Broly has nothing.
    Goku has kept the Great Ape under control. Broly is prisonner of his inner Great Ape.
    Broly didn't want to kill Goku. The Great Ape did.
    Broly didn't want to hate Goku. The Great Ape did.
    Broly just wanted to be part of the Z soldiers. The Great Ape didn't.

    Witness the true self of Broly, as his evil counterpart gets blown into the sun.
    During the last seconds of his life, he finally reveals what he truly felt, what he truly wanted, what he will never have.

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