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  • Member: starlady38
  • Title: Revolution Rondo
  • Premiered: 2007-06-17
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    • Shoujo Kakumei Utena Rinbu revolution
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  • Comments: Well well well, another video. Throughout my editing career I've tried to combine anime with music choices that are at best unusual, if not downright wrong. As I was watching "Le Chevalier D'Eon" I thought to myself, "Gee, this is kind of like Utena!" and indeed I think Utena the anime was a large influence on the animators of Chevalier. But when I watched the last two episodes of Chevalier I knew I had to make this video, which I'm sure some people may consider a travesty: The TV size opening theme of Utena meets the ending of Chevalier! Chaos (or at least some lip flap I couldn't get rid of) ensues!

    Really, what inspired this video was the line in the song "Take my revolution," which we see happening quite literally between Robespierre and Robin when Robespierre gives Robin the watch (and the Psalm of Revolution). As I was making the video I noticed that some motifs just keep popping up--hands, the watch, the book of the Psalm, swords--so I tried to bring those out in the video as well. All in all, I'm fairly pleased with this video, even though my work ethic for it was lighthearted at best. Fans of Utena the anime may see a few visual in-jokes (cough! coffins! cough! twirling people! cough!). The title is something of an in-joke too; the song's title is "Rinbu - Revolution." "Rinbu" means "round dance" in Japanese, just as "rondo" means "round dance" in Italian.

    Finally, here are the lyrics from, although the lyrics were really more like guidelines than rules. Please note, this video has major spoilers for the end of the anime. That said, thanks for watching, and comments are always appreciated.

    Let's go on living our lives heroically, with style.
    (Just a long long time)
    And even if the two of us should be separated,
    (Let go of me)
    Take my revolution.

    In the sunlit garden, hand in hand,
    we drew close, and soothed each other with the words:
    "Neither of us will ever fall in love again."

    Our unity was so strong, it changed its form
    And now our lifestyle is so robust...
    everyday, every time
    (every time)

    I'll take a bit of my loneliness, and cram it inside
    the smile I have in this picture of us cheek-to-cheek.

    As of tomorrow, I'll be such a heroic, stylish woman,
    everybody will turn and look back at me.
    But even if the two of us should be separated,
    our hearts will always be together.

    Though I dream, cry, and get hurt,
    and reality approaches now, frantically,
    I can't lose my place in life and my self-worth
    just to protect myself.

    I'll go my way. No turning back. Before the time comes
    for each of us to choose a different path
    I'll release the so precious, oh so precious

    Take my revolution. Let's go on with our lives.
    Reality approaches now, frantically.
    What I want is to find my place in life and my self-worth,
    taking who I've been up until today...

    ...and heroically stripping her down until she's bare,
    like the roses whirling in freedom.
    But even if the two of us should be separated,
    I will change the world.

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