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  • Member: iserlohn
  • Studio: Iserlohn Productions
  • Title: Bravo Drano
  • Premiered: 2003-02-14
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  • Songs:
    • Blue Man Group Rods and Cones
    • Hairspray: The Musical Good Morning Baltimore
    • Linie 1 U-Bahn Dschungelkrieg
    • The Beach Boys Little Deuce Coup
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  • Comments: Video Stats:
    Title - Bravo Drano
    Anime - Various
    Song - Various
    Artist - Various
    Record Company - Various
    Completed - December 2002
    Participation - Katsucon 9 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 9 Submission Form
    Indirect Link: AMV CD Distro - Get this video on my profile or on MPEG-2 Special Edition!

    Making the Video:
    Bravo Drano (like the pipe cleaner) is composed of four short videos as well as a series of title cards to introduce each one. Because each segment was made using a different approach, they will all have individual liner notes below. A quick note to put up front: ALL TIMECODES WERE ADDED INTENTIONALLY TO ADD TO THE "DISCARDED WORKPRINT" THEME. (see below)

    All of the titles were made in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. The layout of the Bravo slides is based on their website ( which is where the color came from. I wanted to use the actual logo but couldn't blow it up properly from the downloadable image and also failed to match the font. This one is a bit more readable anyhow, and works nicely. All of the text is, of course, fabricated.

    Hardware used to make this video:
    Pentium III/450Mhz (Dual) processors
    640 MB RAM
    60GB IBM Deskstar Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
    Rainbow ATA/100 Controller (Hey, the con asked for details)
    Creative 6X DVD-ROM
    Creative Sound Blaster LIVE! 128
    HP 4x CD-RW (better audio ripping)
    Altec Lansing AVS33 2.1 Speaker System
    Altec Lansing AVS500B 4.1 Speaker System (yes, my audio hardware died and got reborn)
    Microsoft Intellimouse
    Unbranded Keyboard, German Layout
    Panasonic PV-VS4820 SVHS VCR
    A slew of cables

    Software used to make this video:
    Windows 2000 Professional
    DVD Decrypter
    TMPEG Encoder
    Microsoft Notepad
    SubStation Alpha 4.08
    Pinnacle Systems "Knoll's Light Factory" for After Effects
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Adobe After Effects 5.0
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0
    Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0

    What's this Video About?
    The “generic” concept is explained in the first title card with a bit of fabrication. I'd had a few ideas for some short mini-videos in my head, but none was capable of standing on its own. The idea to link them as discarded previews for the Bravo cable channel came after ADV announced its Anime Network. With this being the potential pinnacle of anime on TV, how better to mock the trend?

    There really is more to this, though, than a simple one-off on ADV. Underneath the top layer of one-joke videos lies a commentary on the state of the AMV community. It used to be that a strong concept and a lot of patience made what were considered "good" videos and creators were viewed as people who did really neat fun stuff. Nowadays it's gotten to be a lot more cutthroat, and a video isn't "good" unless it has layers of After Effects on it and half of the scenes have been photoshopped with alternate characters or subliminal messages added in. This leaves a lot of beginners with new, creative ideas behind because their videos can't compete on this technical level. What I have done in this video is to mock this theory. As can be seen from the software list above, almost every 1337 software trick has been used in this video, sometimes for the better, sometimes to be intentionally bad and stand out to make a point. Everything in this video except for one cut in Segment 4 is intentional and nothing was left to a chance dropping in of a clip. If a concept is weak it was included in order to show this expression.

    Upon further reflection while editing, I realized that this is also a veiled (you can decide how thinly) potshot at AMV fans. There are some people and crowds who come to mind who will never get something. You know, the ones who are shown a drama video and while the first 3 min 15 seconds are serious and depressing and stuff the moment anything not mopey comes up they start laughing. The ones who get wowed by Shinji lip syncing "I'm a loser". Besides being a great way to transition these videos, the title cards serve the function known in theatre as "beating the audience over the head with a concept stick." These spell out EXACTLY what the heck is going on for people watching. Unless they are incapable of reading, the surface jokes, if nothing else, won't be lost on them.

    That being said, methinks I've taken one too many classes in the Avant-Garde. Either way, each segment serves as a judge to future editors - in order of best to (intentionally and comically) worst.

    Commentary and Notes:
    Well, it made the finals at Katsucon so I guess somebody liked it. As the judgings and deadlines and con approached, I started getting insanely critical of this project, especially the A/V technical side, but I guess it all paid off, this video's getting screened to 3000-7000 people! It's nice to think that snobby intellectual humour can pay off, isn't it?

    Perhaps that's why I chose to submit it under a different name. It is mine, but I felt the need to distance myself from it, both to avoid backlash in case it bombs at the convention, as well as to help this video stand on its own. This technique has worked in the pop music industry for years, and I've got some faith that it will work for me in this one as well. I guess that we'll see at the con.

    Song Lyrics:

    Video Segment 1 Stats:
    Title - Cons and Roads
    Anime - Macross 7
    Song - Rods and Cones (5.1 DD Mix)
    Artist - Blue Man Group
    Record Label - Virgin (at least the DVD-A is...)
    Completed - November 2002
    Participation - Katsucon 9 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 9 Submission Form

    Making the Video:
    This is the technical video of the collection. It took about three weeks to make from concept to conclusion, and came to me after buying the Blue Man Group DVD "Audio." The animation itself is pretty simple - I took a 2 second clip of Veffidas (the character you see) drumming, and chopped it up and repeated the segments to make it look like she was playing the drums and PVC instrument in sync with the song. This proved to be difficult, as I used a DVD rip of the song as my source footage, meaning that the 5.1 surround mix got converted to 2.0 Stereo in order to edit - blending the drums (forward channels) with the band (rear channels), making it virtually impossible to separate them, even using advanced audio software like SoundForge.

    The idea of doing the light bursts (by my count there are 95 of them, give or take a few - I counted them by hand) is another direct port from the Blue Man Group stage show, where they take oil drums and put a light under a clear drumskin. They then fill the drums with paint and it starts flying and bursting nicely when they hit it. I wanted to create something similar, and while doing a particle stream would have been the best option, I decided to go with the lights instead. All 95 bursts were made in Adobe After Effects and controlled using 4 instances of the Knoll Light Factory plugin, one for each color/drum.

    The shifting background color is supposed to work in sync with one of the two music rifts, the first set being done to random colors and the second to shift through the rainbow a few times. This was done using a color replace in Adobe Premiere 6.0. The warping brightness curves were also done in Adobe Premiere 6.0 using the Gamma Correction filter, which I learned to use to my advantage while making "Haru to Ashura," which won a prize last year at Anime Mid-Atlantic.

    The LED displays are yet another holdover from the Blue Man Group stage show (noticing a trend?). The New York, Boston, and Chicago productions feature LEDs for a number of jokes, while the Las Vegas edition less so simply due to the size of the venue. The basis for the displays in this video come from the "White Rabbit" segment, where the Blue Man plays Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" on the PVC instrument, and a display is in front of each blue man. The first display is for people who know the song and has karaoke lyrics. The second has background information on the song and the third has meaningless factoids and comments about the type of person who isn't getting something useful out of the other two displays.

    During the first portion, all of the displays read: "Please focus your attention on only one of these displays. Just one, got it???" After the massive flashes, the first display (lower left) reads: "Read this LCD for song information. This song is called "Rods and Cones". It is track six on the Blue Man Group DVD "Audio" and was originally mixed in 5.1 surround. Please vote for this video. Thanks!" The second LED reads: "Information about the anime: This sequence is from the first epsiode of "Macross 7." The drummer's name is Veffidas. Please vote for this video and enjoy the pretty lights. Thank you!!!" The third LCD (top center) is the funny one and reads: "Product placement works. Vote for this video!!! Thanks Jeff! While everyone else is reading something useful, you chose the equivelant of junk mail. Fatboy is already lost. RAP This! Can you see it with your rods and cones?" The line about junk mail is taken straight from the Blue Man Group stage show. Bonus points to those in the audience who recognizes it. I also figured that a little self-promotion couldn’t hurt…after all, other creators have hidden their names in their videos up to 40 times in 4 minutes.

    The on-screen timecode was created in Vegas Video 3.0. This one was an incredible pain to make, too, as I had edited the song down and discarded the unneeded segment, and Vegas wouldn’t let me fake a later timecode, so I gave in after 3 hours of trying to find a workaround and let it run starting at 0.

    What's this Video About?
    This is a mock-up promo for “Blue Man Group.”

    Made fun of in this segment are: People who sell their souls to After Effects, the short attention spans of viewers, myself, people who shamelessly attempt to get people to watch their videos and care too much about winning awards at conventions, junk mail, an annoying fanboy who pisses the hell out of me, an AMV creator whose studio name has the abbreviation “RAP”, and the Blue Man Group.

    The visual goal of this video was to uphold this text, which comes from an LED in the Blue Man Group: Live at Luxor show:

    "Your eyes allow you to see a vast area all at one time. But, although you have two eyes, you can only focus on one thing at a time."

    This scientific fact gave me the motivation to make a segment which was half satire and half psychology experiment (where are you going to focus and why). It's impossible to take the entire video in at once, the audience is required to focus on SOMETHING, be it Veffidas, the lower text display(s), the upper text display (which flies by too fast to take your eyes off of it), or the timecode. This makes it interesting to talk to people afterwards, and also gives them that lingering feeling that they should watch it again, adding to the mystique and appeal of the video.

    Commentary and Notes:
    This is probably my favorite segment of the four. I love BMG, and this was a great opportunity to put some of their performance art techniques to use in video art. I ended up redoing the LEDs about 3 or 4 times as I thought of new people to make fun of and rerendered them for consistency and readability. The best part is that I managed to keep this part clean!!

    Song Lyrics:
    None! The instruments you hear, though, are: Pressaphonic, PVC Instrument, Drum Kit, Guitar, Drum Wall, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Mini Snare, Ribbon Crasher, Backpack Tubulum, and Shaker.

    Video Segment 2 Stats:
    Title - Hairspray
    Anime - Masters of Brigadoon: Marin and Melan
    Song - Good Morning Baltimore
    Artist - Hairspray OBCR
    Record Label - Sony Classical
    Completed - December 2002
    Participation - Katsucon 9 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 9 Submission Form

    Making the Video:
    This is the simplest of all the segments in the project. I put it together in a total of about five hours, from the time I started capturing footage through when I finished it, with the exception of some processing that I let the computer handle for me. I did it on a Saturday right before final exams when I knew that I wouldn't have a lot of time to refine this, which was convenient as I had a demo version mocked up from an MP3 sitting around to work from.

    The footage was captured from first generation fansubs (although tape 1 has been watched more times and was more degraded), edited in 640x240 mode (which is how the clips were captured), and then resized to 640x480. I chopped off the subtitles in VirtualDub and noise filtered the result in TMPGEnc before reimporting it into Premiere, timecoding it in Vegas, and adding it to the final timeline. The editing's basic, all straight cuts and rubber band fades, and was done from about 9 clips and maybe 5 minutes of captured footage. I didn't even bother to rename or reduce the capture files (normally I capture something, trim the extra footage off that's not the clip I want, and then name it something relevant like "Marin on her bicycle"). Think of this as Keroacian editing - working nonstop and not even bothering to change the paper in the typewriter. Also, the jumping clouds are like that on my source video and are not a capture/compression artifact. Unfortunately I don’t have $60 laying around to import the first DVD to check whether or not that was an artifact of DVD-R authoring by the fansubbers or part of the original animation.

    Also, the audio sounds clipped on the original CD playing back through CD software on quality speakers. My guess is that either they had a bad time in the studio (the demo has a much better sounding mix) or someone didn't know what they were doing at the editing board. The rest of the CD sounds much better...

    What's this Video About?
    Nothing, really. I had the idea about a month and a half before I made it, and threw together a quick demo version. This just gave me an excuse to put it in with something else instead of hiding it on my distribution CD as a vanity project. That being said, there's nobody and nothing specific here being made fun of, other than myself for thinking that I could get away with such a weak concept. +P

    Commentary and Notes:
    This really is a weak video, but it's timely. Brigadoon is coming out on R1DVD in May, Hairspray's ruling over Broadway (and my Winamp playlist), and it's just a good time for feel-good music - no wonder ClearChannel invested in the show. Still, this is probably my least favorite of the segments and is really just filler. At least you got this instead of the unmade segment five, which was supposed to feature shots of Caska getting nearly raped in Berserk set to a song by the seiyuu about her heartbeat rising when she sees men. Tasteless and scrapped when I found out that, thankfully, there wasn't enough footage. Who'd have thought that something out of John Waters's head would be the cleaner, more tasteful option?

    Song Lyrics:*
    Good Morning Baltimore!
    There's the flasher who lives next door!
    There's the bum on his bar-room stool!
    They wish me luck on my way to school.

    Good Morning Baltimore!
    And someday when I take to the floor,
    The world's gonna wake up and see
    Baltimore and me!

    *There is more to this song, these are just for the segment.

    Video Segment 3 Stats:
    Title - Linie 1
    Anime - Metropolis
    Song - U-Bahn Dschungelkrieg
    Artist - Linie 1 Film OST
    Record Label - Spectrum
    Completed - December 2002
    Participation - Katsucon 9 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 9 Submission Form

    Making the Video:
    This was one of the hardest pieces to make in terms of background work as well as conceptual execution. The problem was that this video HAS to be bad. It MUST suck the viewer must be thoroughly confused and scared as to what is going on in my sick little brain. That being said the audience has to be laughing (at least internally) at how hideous these 36 seconds really are...or at least appreciate the fact that this is something that no one else would ever think of. I got the song after seeing a piece in my German class on a theatre company in Berlin and the show "Linie 1" (Subway Line 1). Being the theatre geek that I am I went out on Audiogalaxy and grabbed a bunch of the tracks where they sat unheard for a few months. After a while I started digging for every German song on my hard drive while doing my homework in hopes of concentrating and, well, stumbled upon this cache of something. The songs from the show are cheesy as hell, but in a good way. Thanks to Weatherman for letting me use his DVD without knowing what I was going to do with it, and to those who clarified that I didn't screw up my rip, but DID just grab the fullscreen version of the movie.

    For technical work, the editing was straightforward with plain cuts and fades. The main protest sequence, however, took quite a bit of extra time. It had 103 frames with a sign that I wanted to put my own message on (which should be taken as a joke), as well as an annoying problem: the escalator on the right hand side has the word "fuck" plastered on it. For the sake of keeping this "clean" for a wide audience, I blurred it out. The distribution CD copy, however, has this sequence uncensored. The mosaic effect was done with Adobe Photoshop's "Crystalize" plug-in and each frame had the filter applied twice - once at setting 10, and when that wasn't enough, again with level 25 on top of the 10, just to make sure.

    There's one clip in here (the one with the guards searching around the junkyard) which had some color correction done. I actually had to run two filters, an HLS (Hue/Luminance/Saturation) filter and a gamma correction in order to properly brighten this sequence without causing massive adverse effects in the form of blocking. In the original, you could barely make out the faces of the guards.

    I also had to redo the subtitle timing and resync the video slightly when going from the MP3 I edited with and the actual music CD that I bought. Linie 1 is a pain to buy music for, as there are between 6 and 8 different versions out, and only two of them have this song - and apparently the versions are slightly different in the process. The subtitles run slightly off due to timing discrepancies, and also because landing them on exactly looks just as bad. As anybody with experience in fansubbing can tell you, doing songs is the hardest part of timing.

    Again, the timecode was made in Vegas Video 3.0. The subtitles are courtesy of Sub Station Alpha 4.08 and VirtualDub. I also ran a TMPEG noise filter to try and reduce some of the noise caused by using MJPEG as well as smooth out the bouncing protest sign.

    What's this Video About?
    The song is about an industrial dispute in the Berlin subway system. The idea to use Metropolis came from the fact that this song is so incredibly awkward and mechanical. When I saw Metropolis in the theatre, what struck me most (besides its length) was the oddly awkward movements of the characters. Tezuka's designs were unusually smooth and almost robotic in how they walked. It worked perfectly with the music.

    Made fun of in this video are: ADV, Censorship (the big blobby mosaic), AMV creators who do too much matting and photoshopping (in the form of the big stand-out ADV sign), a certain AMV creator whose initials are VB, and the fact that it is next to impossible for your video to get attention if the song's not in English.

    Commentary and Notes:
    If you haven't figured it out, I'm a sucker for musicals. 3 segments, 3 songs, 3 plays. I was pretty disappointed with my CD purchase for this show. While all the music's great, it's a really weak recording - the sound is very hollow, and it lacks the OOMPH that it could have had. Then again, this WAS the early days of CDs (1988), and people weren't taking total advantage of the media yet. I can really say the same of the segment used in "Cons and Roads" - downmixing it to 2.0 from the 5.1 DVD hurts the audio quality a lot, and stuff gets dropped left and right, even in uncompressed PCM.

    Video-wise, I was amazed that Nightowl liked this. I do think that I hit the rhythm well, which is what really stands out...that and the cheese factor of the song (which was cut from later revisions of the musical). Also, the version on this CD is the uncensored version of the video - due to Katsucon's content rules (no extreme language), I mosaic censored the word "Fuck" out at 1:41. I believe in keeping things clean when necessary, but there's no reason to censor what people will watch in their own homes, so it's all open here. A quick fun factoid, the "ADV SUX" sign originally was going to say "VOTE 4 ME" but it was too many strokes to do on each frame, and after the self-plugging in "Cons and Roads", it seemed to be just too much.

    Overall...a fun segment if you're twisted like me. The third placed video IMHO.

    Song Lyrics:
    Despite having four German speakers (myself, another student, and two native speakers) try to decipher this song, none of us were capable of doing a proper transcription, and despite costing me $23, the CD had no lyric sheet in the insert. Therefore, the following is an estimation of what was sung in this segment:

    Bald ist wieder eine Satte Preiserhöhung dran.
    Dann wälzen sie das Pack nur noch mit 120 Mann.
    Mit händen hoch und falschen hoffnung
    und alles an die wand,
    sonst gibts was mit der knarre auf die hand.

    Alter Mann:

    Junger Mann:
    Ich hab gehofft
    Ihr kamst vorbei,
    Doch so viel hass und polizei.
    Wir nur sind mensch
    daß ich wird kam,
    In diese land.

    Kontroliert sind Weihnachtsmann,
    sieh mich nich so böse an,
    bist doch selbst du armes Schwein,
    kontoliert hinein!

    (English) *NOTE* This is a more thematic than 100% literal translation due to the uncertainties of the original text.

    Soon they'll come through and demand a raise again,
    Then they waltz through all packed up with 120 men.
    With hands up high and everything forced against the wall,
    Otherwise they give up with a creak from the leader's hand.

    Old Man:

    Young Man:
    I had hoped,
    This fight would pass,
    But there's so much hate,
    And so many police.
    We're only human,
    And burn up here,
    So we become,
    In this here land.

    Police are like Santa Claus!
    Don't look at me so angrily!
    You're all the same, you poor pigs
    Control must be restored!

    Video Segment 4 Stats:
    Title - Untitled
    Anime - Initial D
    Song - Little Deuce Coup
    Artist - The Beach Boys
    Record Company - Capital
    Completed - December 2002
    Participation - Katsucon 9 AMV Contest
    Notes Written for: Katsucon 9 Submission Form

    Making the Video:
    I admit it, I like the Beach Boys and oldies. This concept originated from listening to oldies and thinking about the americanization of all the new titles coming out, especially for TV. Since Tokyopop had managed to hack up Initial D in both the manga and the dub of the anime (changed names, changed music) to appeal to the Linkin Park crowd, I figured "why not aim it at a group of people who actually like cars?" and this little stinker was born.

    Special thanks go to Kara Dennison for doing Mogi's voice on the lead-in.

    The editing is again extremely basic. I used about 8-9 minutes of footage at most from the first volume, all of the car clips come from two sequences (and only one from the second!), the other clips are from the first and third episode. Everything is straight cuts and fades, and the only modifications made to the anime were letterboxing it to remove subtitles (I had to hand capture this from a fansub since there's no R1's out yet and I refuse to buy HK discs...and don't have $300 for R2 discs from Japan), and photoshopping out a subtitle on the logo, as well as some minor touchups if a subtitle went too high...I *THINK* I caught them all.

    I also wish to point out that I checked my tape and the jagginess of the faces in the first half or so of this segment are like that on my tape. Seeing as how the fansubbers used a TV-Out from a DVD-ROM for their source, I'm just glad that it didn't get worse. I *COULD* have paid for Hong Kong bootleg discs, but would rather not - with my luck there'd be a watermark on scenes that I need anyways, and image quality was unlikely to be much better. Just think of it as adding to the "lost in the archives and should be destroyed" feeling. Besides, paying for bootlegs is BAD.

    This video, btw, features the one clip that hit by luck - the scene where they start racing was dropped in and all of the cuts between when the song starts and the Initial D logo show up were already in the anime. I didn't even do a speed tweak on this, it just felt perfect the way it was.

    While it may not look like it, there are 19 cuts in this segment (not including individual frames added after Photoshop). The goal was to make it smooth - like a trailer.

    The Tokyopop logo was added by screencapping the logo off of a DVD, replacing the white background and filling with black, shrinking the image, and then chroma keying it over the video sequence. The little circular thing on the left isn't a copyright symbol but is supposed to be the little mascot head which didn't come through so well. I did include the circle-R, but it also didn't make it through the blend.

    The ending was done by applying a Vertical Hold in Adobe Premiere, and the sound was duplicated in SoundForge and edited with a flange filter, and then blended with a regular track to simulate a record scratch.

    A couple other notes on the voiceovers: I did Takumi (Billy)'s line myself, and it took about an hour to get something that didn't sound atrocious, and even then I didn’t want to have it up too loud (which is fine because Takumi always mumbles). I have a newfound respect for dub actors from this experience. Likewise, finding someone willing to play the female role was extremely challenging. I wound up asking about 7-8 people to do it and only got two people willing to even give it a try, Kara and my friend Mari. They both submitted test clips and I sent pieces of both people’s “auditions” to a handful of people for "blind" judging (names were not included on the judging segments), and went with the popular choice. Mari's take will be included as a bonus on the distribution CD that I'm handing out at the con. Syncing the lips wasn't hard, and while the way that the dialogue segment went into the music isn't exactly like I envisioned it, I did manage to accomplish the feeling that I wanted with the technique. This is the first time that I've used original dialogue for a video, and only the second time that I've used extra sound (the first being "Daicon V", which I sent to Katsucon 8). The background track at the beginning IS from one of the Initial D soundtracks, but I’ve forgotten which song it was. For the most part they all sound the same, anyways. This is the only music that I didn’t pay for in the con-friendly version of the video. I figured that after dropping $70 on music that I could save myself the $30 on a 15 second clip.

    What's this Video About?
    This is a trailer-type video for Initial D done to look and feel like a bad 60's teen movie. It is a parody of a handful of things, such as: Americanizing Anime for TV, Tokyopop's Initial D marketing campaign, the hacking up of the Initial D manga to match the changed dub names so that it will match up for a potential TV airing (after six months of trying, Tokyopop STILL hasn't landed the show on the air), ErMaC's Initial D/Speed Racer video (I managed to make this concept without being lewd), Mickey Mouse Club type setups, and a certain AMV creator whose name is Nathan.

    Commentary and Notes:
    Kara wishes that she'd never done this voice-over and swore that her reputation would be completely and utterly shot upon this segment playing at the con. Since I wrote these notes before the premiere, I have no way of knowing if that's really the case. This is my second favorite just because it's so evil. As with all the other songs in this project, it IS a song that I like, and I can remember listening to it on 45RPM in elementray school. Ah, the glory days of vinyl. The rhythm here's also pretty spot-on (IMHO), and the only thing that got me was 1)how degraded my Initial D tapes had become and 2)the fact that I missed a couple rows of pixels on the subtitles in the opening voice-over (look closely towards the top of the lower letterbox).

    This is the segment most likely to get a laugh out of a con audience. It's a one-joke, which is fine, it's 30 seconds and you can start bopping along after your laugh just in time to get cut off at the end =)

    Song Lyrics:
    Little Deuce Coup
    You don't know
    You don't know what I've got...

    Well I'm not braggin' babe so don't put me down
    But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town
    When something comes up to me he don't even try
    Cause if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly
    She's my little deuce coupe
    You don't know what I got
    (My little deuce coupe)
    (You don't know what I got)

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