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  • Member: Metro
  • Studio: metro productions
  • Title: Everyday
  • Premiered: 2003-02-17
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    • Bon Jovi Everyday
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  • Comments: This was an interesting video for me. It was a video that I used to try and experiment with the process of making a video. For my previous projects I had done plenty of prep work before starting the videos, going so far at to storyboard out the scenes. However for this video, I was less concerned with prep work and decided to approach the video in a set of layers. First, I would pay careful attention to scene selection, then I would add in lip-synching and finally add in special effects.

    The first phase of the video went very well for me. I felt that the tone of the song along with the lyrics, while not perfectly match to Isamu, was very close. Scene selection went by fairly easy, and before I knew it I had a video that I felt was decent. In fact the first time I ran through the rough draft, I was surprised at how good it turned out.

    At this point I was tempted to call the video done, and move on to another project. However, I still wanted to try the approach of "layering" the video. The lip synching portion of the video did not turn out so well. I found that putting in scenes with lip-synching in them really disrupted the natural flow of the video. Consequently, the only portion of the video that has lip synch is at the beginning.

    Layering on special effects worked better. However, I don't think that I am really that good at spfx and most of the spfx for the video did not turn out as well as I expected. Therefore I dropped most of the effects from the video.

    It is my belief that the video itself flows rather well. I don't know if itís a good "action" video though, since the long hours working on this video has anesthetized me to any sense of adrenaline rush. Anyway, I hope that the viewer enjoys watching it.

    ----Spoiler Warning----
    There are some spoilers in the Video

    Added a mpeg1 version

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