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  • Members (8): Deuce Loosely, =DarKNesS=, Dezbo21, Jayn_Newell, Kazi1032, Maru-sha, RanMouri82, savvy_style
  • Studio: Deuce Loosely Productions
  • Title: AMV Hell 3.14
  • Premiered: 2007-06-17
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic Albequerque
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic Eat It
    • Abandoned Pools Clone High
    • Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
    • Amber Yes
    • Animaniacs animaniacs
    • Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono
    • bill & ted's excellent adventure sound clip
    • Blazing Saddles Sound Clip
    • Bob Rivers They All Posed For A Dirty Magazine
    • Bobby "Boris" Pickett Monster Mash
    • Crossfade Dead Skin
    • Dane Cook Burger King
    • DragonForce Through the Fire and the Flames
    • E-Rotic Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
    • Eileen Mager, Ellen Brown I Feel Pretty
    • Fairly Odd Parents shiny teeth and me
    • Frank Sinatra Santa Claus is Coming to Town
    • freddy got fingered sound clip
    • Garbage I Think I'm Paranoid
    • Halloween Halloween Theme
    • Har Mar Superstar Cut Me Up
    • jim carroll band people who died
    • Josh Tobin Playa Haters
    • Liar Liar Sound Clip
    • Loudon Wainwright III I.W.I.W.A.L.
    • Lustra Scotty Doesn't Know
    • Napoleon XIV They're Coming to Take Me Away
    • Oingo Boingo Little Girls
    • Pinky and the Brain Sound clip
    • Primus Mephisto and Kevin
    • Rayman Raving Rabbids Trailer Audio
    • Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy
    • Shonen Knife Anime Phenomenon
    • Sifl and Olly Happy Song
    • Smoking Cowboy You Don't Always Die From Tobacco
    • Soul Decision Faded
    • Stephen Lynch Spankin' It
    • The Miracles Love Machine
    • The Muppets She Drives Like Crazy
    • The Vandals Fucked Up Girl
    • Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It
    • Unknown Itsy Bitsy Spider
    • weebl Ahahahahahahahaha!
    • Zero Wing All Your Base
  • Anime:
  • Comments: What can one say? This is a new volume of AMV Hell.

    This was over a year in the making.

    It started as AMV Hell: Championship Edition did: as a sort of contest. The first problem was with the fact I had named this chapter "TekkoshoCon Edition" for want of contributing something to my favorite convention all around. With an official event attached to the title, I would be bound to all processes, standards, the chain of command, etc that comes with presenting something with a convention's name on it. Lesson one learned the hard way.

    Longer story short, the AMV head had many reservations about how the collaboration was being administered, not to mention my inexperience with convention-connected matters. At some point, I found myself in over my head so I turned the majority of control over to her.

    TekkoshoCon rolled around (April 13-15) and this collaboration, probably not exactly in the form you are about to see, was scheduled for three showings throughout the weekend during "PG-13" times. Friday night passed and there was no premiere. Technical issues with the room allotted for this event were cited. Saturday morning came and the AMV head plods into the "public safety" room lamenting the meltdown of her 400GB hard drive: the one which also held the AMV contest. A re-rendering for both the contest and AMV Hell 3.14 were in order.

    All anyone got to see of AMV Hell 3.14 at TekkoshoCon was around eight minutes of compiled clips shown through a desktop media player. Sad it was, although what was shown was well-received.

    I decided that nothing that was this long in the works should go unseen, especially when I consider the brilliance of some of the clips contained herein. I removed TekkoshoCon elements from the project and renamed it AMV Hell 3.14. I took all the clips I was sent for the collaboration and came up with this 18:28 bundle of joy. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you...

    EDIT (6.30.07):
    The trauma of getting this nearly 18 1/2 minute video under 100mb has been a trial to say the least. The best I was able to do was re-render the mpeg2 version (which sparkles, thankyouverymuch :P) to mp4. The end result is dubious visual quality. CURSE YOU, H264Main! *grumph* Anyway, at least the version you see at future conventions will look leagues better. It's still, in spite of the file format, an enjoyable experience as long as you can ignore what mp4 does to video...but it's FINALLY live!

    EDIT (7.25.07):
    AMV Hell 3.14 enjoyed three successful showings at Otakon (July 20-22), as it preceeded the fan-produced videos and parodies Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The reception given by the viewers has prompted me to offer this to future conventions for entertainment purposes. Stay tuned for further developments...

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