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  • Member: blackkitten(we)
  • Title: Ishida & Orihime Tribute
  • Premiered: 2007-06-15
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    • Elliott Yamin Wait For You
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  • Comments: A romantic Ishida and Orihime Tribute

    Alright, I've been wanting to make a tribute to these two characters since episode 42.
    I think they'd make just the cutest couple in Bleach. A few nights ago I heard this song on the radio and just had to make an AMV for Ishida And Orihime from it.
    Now, I know it's not gonna be the best AMV because I was running out of clips. But I think I did fairly well with it.

    The AMV describes Ishida's feelings towards Orihime, of course. But Orihime doesn't really return them and left him alone. So he's left 'waiting' for her and going over the past memories of them together. It's sad. Well for me anyway.

    I used Windows Movie Maker as the program again.
    Song is by Elliott Yamin and it's called 'Wait For You'.

    I hope you enjoy!

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