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  • Member: RolltheStampede
  • Studio: Shining Finger Studios
  • Title: Dedicated to MJ
  • Premiered: 2007-06-03
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  • Song:
    • Michael Jackson Don't stop until you get enough
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  • Comments: This was my video for Akon 18's Hentai Fest. From looking at my buddy Shinobi Sams video i was sure he was gonna win but I had to give him some kind of competition. I finshed the ideo about 24 hours before the actual competition after only about 2 days work. I would have liked to do more to the video froma technical standpoint but then again its a video for hentai fest as long as it had the porn i was good to go.

    The idea behing the video was that i couldnt understand what the heck michael was saying during the chorus but it sounded alo like "Keep up with the Porn Stars" so I took the idea and ran with it,

    The actual Chorus goes "Keep up with the force dont stop, dont stop till you get enough"
    What I heard "Keep up with the Porn Stars, Dont stop till you get enough"
    Take a listen and you will see. The rest of the song is pretty explicit as well.

    The title also has a bit of a double meaning if you ever attend hentaifest you will under stand.

    Look out for the special celebrity appearances towards the end of the video.

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