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  • Member: Copycat_Revolver
  • Title: End of the Road
  • Premiered: 2007-06-10
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    • Beck Rental Car
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  • Comments: This video was started while I was working on Infinite Continues, my last vid. I had been working on that one for so long that it was beginning to maeks meez crayezee. So I started this one to keep from punching my monitor in frustration.
    Not much else to say. It's a fairly mellow mix of action, tons of driving, and unnecessary wierdness (complete with cat ears) set to an interesting song. And I finally got to do a Kino's Journey vid. (this is also my first real video that doesn't feature an overused anime.)
    I hope you enjoy. Quick Comments are always met with a disproportionate amount of gratitude and enthusiasm and Opinions...well I practically pop a blood vessel.

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