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  • Member: TriGGiT
  • Studio: Reeled Signs Media
  • Title: Dead End
  • Premiered: 2007-06-09
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  • Song:
    • Tom Cloud feat. Tiff Lacey Secretly
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hope The one video per year thing doesnt become a habit, finally another release a somewhat dramatic video with a nice and easy storyline set to a slightly fast paced song, the video itself uses multiple sources(mainly anime of course) and a piece of live action footage(movie hero) plus some original 3d art all put together and properly edited.

    The song:
    Tom cloud feat Tiff Lacey - Secretly
    Belongs to the progressive trance genre its original length is around 10 minutes which is quite common for this musical genre, i edited this audio to 3:50 aprox.
    For those that are unfamiliar with trance music:
    Progressive trance is a popular sub-genre in trance music and contains elements of house, techno, and ambient music.(tnx wiki)

    The Effects/ Editing
    Programs used for this were Premiere , After Effects , Cinema 4D
    After Effects - needed during half part of the video to create probably its most beautiful segment ( no drag and drop effects here)
    Cinema 4D - the 3D segment simple modeling but a difficult render it was, due to the use of glass materials and particles.
    Whats most important to write here is about the use of color, its not random and for some reason i stood with 2 main colors through the video.
    Also i do admit that the chosen concept became the perfect excuse to do everything i had been learning since the release of my previous video in 2006

    The Storyline/Concept
    the main character(the sleeping girl) is having a dream, the whole amv is a dream, thats the idea of the video, just watch it and at the end with the final scene it will be obvious to you.

    Time in production
    3 months , it would have been less if i had edited the vid more frequently.

    hope you enjoy this work.

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