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  • Member: AceMan
  • Title: Beyond the Clouds
  • Premiered: 2007-07-01
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    • Junkie XL Clouds (feat. Grant Nicholas)
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  • Comments: Here it is - my contribution to KTA'07 (Polish AMV Contest) :)

    Please do not download this vid before the contest begins.

    There is a lot of things I'd like to write here.
    Firstly, I'll try to explain what this video is about, 'cause I'm afraid that for people who haven't seen this anime it will be hard to understand (for those who have seen it probably too ;)) and it's of course my fail :)

    The plot goes more or less like that: Three friends from high-school - Sayuri, Hiroki and Takuya (I've been trying to avoid his appearance in my vid) - decide to build their own plane and take a flight to unreachable tower, which for years can be seen from anywhere in Japan. Unfortunatelly, Sayuri dissapears because of her illness; she falls in mysterious coma which seems to be connected with the tower. That's why they give up on their dream. After few years, Hiroki decides to find Sayuri and fulfil old promise.

    AMV begins when friends are already separated - Sayuri is trapped in the world created by the tower and her own mind, and Hiroki with all his joy and life energy sucked from him, wanders alone in Tokyo.

    Okay, that's all about the plot. Let's get to the history of my vid :)

    I had Junkie XL's song in my mind since the previous KTA, but my idea had to take proper form, and it takes a lot of time sometimes.
    At first, I wanted to make an AMV with two or more anime, adding "Last Exile" (I've seen one episode so far ;)) because this vid was intended to be about clouds, flights etc ;)
    But after that I decided to make a vid with only one movie; I thought it would be easier, it'd be more fun, it'd tell some story and it'd be more coherent this way.

    I was wrong :)

    Making this video wasn't fun at all. Especially when I started editing first chorus.
    I realized that there are not so many good action scenes that I thought there are, therefore it doesn't look like I wanted it to.
    I had to put long, sometimes static scenes, and add zoom, flashes, shakes etc. to make them more suitable, and I didn't want to use many effects.
    Generally, making of this vid looked more or less like that:

    - verse: let's show 45 minutes of anime in one minute
    - chorus: let's show many various dynamic scenes in 30 seconds, when there are... six of them
    - verse: let's make something coherent to rest, considering there are no good scenes left...
    - chorus: like the first one

    and so on...

    Besides, the "copy->paste effects in appropriate moments" thing took 75% of the time. It was boring and certainly not fun.

    Additionaly, I'd like to say that though in the beginning I had been trying to match scenes with lyrics, later it was impossible.
    So if you're trying to find connection between the story and lyrics... you may fail ;)

    Oh, and I made the beginning of the song a bit longer. Originally it was too short to show the logo and title :P

    Summing everything up - I am not fully satisfied with what I've done. It was supposed to look a bit different and I'm really glad that I finished it at last :D

    I want to say something about the last part of the AMV - about the "Respect to" thing.
    Some of you may take this as kind of "bootlicking" or something like that. It's not :)
    The origins of this kind of greetings lie in demoscene. Demoscene productions almost always have this kind of greetings - it's a tradition and one of elementary attributes of demos.
    The point is just to greet artists whose works you like and admire, even if you don't know the person at all.
    I think it's really nice thing and I hope you will find it nice too. Who knows, maybe this idea will be practised more often on the AMV scene too?
    And one more thing - while making that last part I was highly inspired by demo "Instant Zen" by Synesthetics, which is of course great :)

    Well... that's all I wanted to say :) Enjoy.

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