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  • Member: KagoLissa
  • Studio: KagoLissa Productions
  • Title: Waiting For The End
  • Premiered: 2007-06-05
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  • Song:
    • nelly furtado All Good Things (Come to an End)
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  • Comments: I've often wondered, while making an amv, if the viewer would be able to see what I had in mind while making it. I'm sure everyone sees something different. The lyrics to this song struck a chord with me. These are a few of them:

    Honestly what will become of me
    don't like reality
    It's way too clear to me
    But really life is dandy
    We are what we don't see
    Missed everything daydreaming

    Traveling I only stop at exits
    Wondering if I'll stay,stay
    young and restless
    Living this way I stress less
    I want to pull away when the dream dies
    The pain sets in and I don't cry
    I only feel gravity and I wonder why

    To me, this song is about loss and how some people deal with it, loss of loved ones, loss of love, loss of dreams, and most importantly, loss of self. We don't like reality, so we hide from it and close ourselves off to all feeling. We spend our time daydreaming, or just existing, instead of really living and enjoying life. Instead of dealing with pain and loss, we run from it. It's not stressful if you don't deal with it. Being numb makes it easier, but you still you feel the weight of the pain. All you do is exist, in any way you can, waiting for the end. This movie is about the end of everything. I tried to choose clips to show the pain, and fear of life, and how some deal with, and with the end of life. Some fight and some cower, while others accept it. I hope my message comes through in this.
    When I heard this song, I had just finished watching the Evangelion movie for the second time and got the idea. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

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