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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Deus Machina - The Abyss of Mankind
  • Premiered: 2007-06-06
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Marilyn Manson Cryptorchid
    • Marilyn Manson Disassociative
    • Marilyn Manson King Kill 33
    • Marilyn Manson Mobscene
    • Marilyn Manson Obsequey [The Death Of Art]
    • Marilyn Manson Personal Jesus
    • Marilyn Manson Thaeter
    • Marilyn Manson The Bright Young Things
    • Marilyn Manson This is the New Shit
    • Marilyn Manson Willy Wonka Theme
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    .:The technical notes (how do I play this damn amv?):.
    Donīt worry it is quite easy to playback. If you have codec problems... There are some ways to play x264:
    -You can get the CCCP (this is a codec pack)
    -Or the VLC-Player (highly recommended!)
    These things donīt have a big filesize, so there shouldnīt be any problems with your internet bandwith. If you can download this amv, you can also donwload VLC or CCCP...

    .:Other technical notes (which programs were used for this amv?):.
    -Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    -Adobe After Effects 7.0
    -Adobe Photoshop CS 2
    -Nero Digital Audio Encoder

    .:Content + Information:.
    This is a short summary, because there is really a lot in this amv to discover, think about and to enjoy (hopefully). To get additional information, please download this pdf file:

    So whatīs this video about?
    Itīs an epic story splitted into video segments. Yes there are parralells between this amv and "Dead to the world", but please trust me: The only same things are the music artist and the fact that there is a longer story (my own) in it. Nothing more!

    Whatīs the live action source?
    The one is "Casshern", the most expensive live action movie best on a manga and the second one is "Dopplehertz" a film by Marilyn Manson. You can found the second one on the "Golden Age of Grotesque" CD as bonus disc.

    Any techincal details?
    -There is a use of live action material in it. The majority is anime and only one segment is completly live action. I donīt think that this is a problem for amv fans, because the segment doesnīt sting out as live action source.
    -Be aware that there is a lot of experimental stuff in it. I think that fans of traditional action amvs will only have theire fun in 2 seconds.
    -I donīt recommend this amv for people under the age of 16 or 13 at least.

    Anything I can do to better understand this video?
    -Deus Machina is latin and means: God Machine.
    -Itīs good to know what the core plot of the movie The Matrix and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion + Raxephon are.
    -To completly understand the segment (but itīs not necessary) "Reign" in this amv, you should watch "Animatrix - The second Renesaince". Youīll notice that the lyrics of the song "King Kill 33°" are working perfect with the footage.

    .:Special Thanks:.
    -My sister Sabine Schäffer
    For the Marilyn Manson music she gave me years ago. It brought me one of my favorite musical artists.

    -A best friend Stephan Angerer
    For supporting me with the records I didnīt had at home for maximum quality.

    -Another best friend Mac
    For beeing such a honest bastard and helping me out with font design. For testing too and for uploading the whole XviD files on stage6 =P

    -The big critic -Good for Nothing-
    For helping out with effects and some ideas. You always made a awesome job at beta tests! Also for helping me out with english.

    -My good Crack the sKy
    For helping me out with english too and for beta view. Thank you!

    -Kenka Wolf
    For beta view and for the nice talks we have.

    For beta test.

    -Greggus 1
    Also for beta test.

    -Copycat Revolver
    For beta testing and nice help out with scenes

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