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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: The Calling
  • Premiered: 2007-05-28
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    • Jakob Givoni Raindrops Won't Kill You
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    This video came out of a friendly round of Iron Chef with Otohiko. Since he and I make pretty different kinds of AMVs, we had trouble thinking of somebody to act as our coordinator. In the end, we decided to just settle on everything ourselves. It was pretty unorthodox with regard to usual IC customs, but at least it got the ball rolling!

    We considered lots of different songs and finally settled on Jakob Givoni's "Raindrops Won't Kill You." It's a short instrumental piece that I stumbled upon a long time ago somewhere on the internet. I had shown it to Oto, and we both thought it was pretty cool. We couldn't read much of the site because it was in a language we didn't know, but from what we could gather, Jakob Givoni was a one-man act from Denmark who recorded music in his free time. Too bad his website seems to have dropped off the face of the net since then.

    Since this was a fairly complex song that we both liked and wished to see a good AMV to, we gave each other the entire weekend to create something (hopefully) worthwhile. Not that we actually took full advantage of all those hours... I managed to visit the dentist, go shopping, and visit krzT for the CCS movie DVD all in the first day. I even put in some frame-by-frame editing, which would be totally unrealistic in a usual IC match. :P

    There's not much I can say about the editing itself. I just did whatever felt right to me. There's certainly a lot of interesting things to follow in the music, and I guess the recurring imagery here is spinning, rotating, and twinkling things. So expect lots of "spinnies and glowies," as krzT calls 'em. :P

    We posted the results in the Donators' Forum for voting. We considered using some obviously-pretentious code names but decided to go with girl-names instead (Oto's was "Sylvia," and I titled mine "Madison" as a reference to Tomoyo's oft-ridiculed name from the American Cardcaptors). After three days and twenty votes, the results came to... a tie! We decided against a tiebreaker and fixed up the videos a little bit for the catalog release.

    Sooo... here it is! Be sure to turn up your volume or listen to the song on headphones - there's a lot to be heard here. Enjoy!

    Oto's take can be found here.
    An Alternate Dimensions -style comparison of our entries can be found here.
    Big thanks to Ileia for non-local hosting! :)

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