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  • Member: ForeverZeroo
  • Studio: Divine Illusion Productions
  • Title: Ouran: Love! Angst! Crack!
  • Premiered: 2007-06-03
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    • Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
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    Won - Otakon 2007 - Best Fun/Upbeat
    Won - Katsucon 2008 - Best Fun/Upbeat

    The story behind this video:

    I Won at Anime Boston when i didnt think i would...and that video was my Otakon video....

    this is me: O_____O;; aw shit...

    So i had an idea for an Ouran video....but halfway through making it i had MAJOR editers block. So when that happens i just listen to my music and i happened upon "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet.

    As soo as the song played and i realized it was perfect for a cracky ouran video. Almost on the spot i ditched my other idea and started on this one about 3 weeks before the Otakon due date.

    Now dont think i rushed this video for otakon, because i really didnt. From the beginning i knew the video wouldnt rely on flashy effects or deep meaningful plot lines. It would rely on two basic things: Timing and Crack. Since it was such a good and simple idea i decided to try and make the due date. (I made the due date but i still need to send in a singed paper in the mail >_>...."

    Either way this video isnt really about, but focuses mainly, on the love triangle between Haruhi/Tamaki/Twins. The video really is more, in my eyes, like a sum up in 3 minutes of the basic feel of Ouran.

    Either way I feel this is a good video for fans and ive gotten good feedback. Im not looking to win any awards for this video, it was just a fun idea aimed to please fans.

    NOTE: there is lip flap in this video. Ouran....even more so TAMAKI are close to impossible to lip sync and/or cover up lip flap with cause they talk SO much and SO fast. Just a warning....but it really doesnt hurt the video in my eyes.

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