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  • Member: FungieŻ
  • Studio: Baka Deshi Productions!
  • Title: Tidal: Anna
  • Premiered: 2003-02-14
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    • Sense of Serenity Soundtrack: Ocean Waves Cool Mist
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  • Comments: I did this video on a whim. I was listening to songs, trying to figure out which best fit the personality of Anna from Battle Athletes Victory. Then my mom put on a CD that she had from a while back and I thought it was a rather pretty but dark song. I decided to use that. So I ripped the audio and did all my jazz with the DVD stuff [note: it originally looked awful. The footage was ripped into DivX at a bitrate of 1150 and resolution of 352x240. It was horrific and there was pixellation everywhere, but I didn't know what I was doing. The version of the LOCAL download has greatly improved quality.] The video was done in a span of 10 hours over 2 days. After I rendered it and sent it to Anneke for some webtime, she changed a couple things here and there to make it more artistic and less crappy-looking. So when she rendered the video out of Premiere, the audio got majorly screwed up. About 10 months later, I re-ripped the audio source and put the MPEG1 into Premiere. I switched the audio and rendered, and then filtered it to make the picture quality slightly better. This MPEG1 is my highest quality copy of the video I have, and it looks/sounds great to me.

    The editing, as with all of my videos, is incredibly simplistic. The video was done entirely with additive dissolves since I knew nothing about rubber-banding, and thus they didn't come across incredibly well. All of my footage came from one episode of the series, because that was the main episode for Anna. I used VirtualDub to browse through the footage and then made clips into MJPEG for editing.

    I entered this video into Katsucon but my tape was destroyed in the mail. I feared that the same thing would happen the next year but my video actually made it there and made finals. Go me.

    I dedicate this video to my mom because she gave me the song to use and gave me feedback on the video. I also thank Anneke for her technical help with this video.

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