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  • Title: The Highwayman
  • Premiered: 2003-02-14
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    • Loreena McKennit The Highway Man
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    "A visual poetry that's refreshing" it said on the back of the DVD. Well, I just HAD to make that statement completely true...

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Well, Here, I just have my usual lot of transparencies, fades, and fast cuts. The 10 minute and 30 second song was edited down to 7 minutes 30 seconds by cutting off the last two verses, intro, and outro. That still leaves it pretty long, but hey, it's a poem to a osong. Beauty is big and long. ^-^ So anyway, this was my first attempt at editing audio for one of MY projects, and it took awhile for making it fade in and out correctly without it sounding like "There should be more to this song..." The editing is great for the most part of the 8ish hours I spent on editing it. Sometimes it goes with the beat, but most of the time it goes with the lyrics. So pay attention to the lyrics or else you'll have no idea of what's going on in the video. There's also a lot of repetition. You'd think that in VHD:B there's so many scenes of Mier's carriage that they could make your head spin. But when you go to do an AMV on it, there's... Not. So there's a lot of repeating of horses running 0.o There's also some repition of "Bess" being held on "the highway" allt he other repitition was meant to be that way and actually doesn't bother people too much. Lips moving... I hated it. In the beginning I got there to be no lips moving, but about 2 minutes or less in there's a lot of flapping. If I actually removed all the frames of that, whicc I couldn't because the footage'd be REALLY jerky, I'd only have half an AMV left >_

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