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  • Member: krzT
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Sky's End
  • Premiered: 2007-06-12
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    • 이안 (Lee&) 물고기자리 (Pisces)
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    Though when translated to English, Lee&'s lyrics can be considered cheesy, in Korean they're the epitome of artistic, and I could think of no other source to use than Air. The unbelievably tragic and romantic lines from this song really gave me a single idea for a video: this was made for the forbidden love of Kanna and Ryuya. The beautiful scenery and brightly contrasted colors of the movie would be perfect for the epic instrumentals of "Pisces". Too bad I just didn't realize how difficult putting the two together would be until I started editing. ^^;

    Having only the movie as footage to work with, I was pretty limited in KannaxRyuya footage (possibly 10 solid minutes from the entire film itself). But that certainly became my secondary concern. I soon noticed how difficult storytelling is, especially when missing critical dialogue to do it. >< These two concerns stayed with me until the near completion of the video, when I realized I could actually finish it with a solid plot and voice. Overall, I'm very glad with how it turned out. Though not technically daunting (I tried to stay away from major effects in this one), it was still a pretty difficult project for me to complete, mood and story-wise.

    Below is a rough translation of the lyrics. Please keep in mind that they lose a lot of their poetic flavor after being translated into English. Although it was not a primary concern of mine while editing this video, most of the lyric sync done was based metaphorically and on some Korean wordplay.

    0:17 What's happened to you?
    0:21 You've become tired of love, what happened?
    0:25 You wouldn't leave me alone in a strange place, would you?

    0:33 Even when it rains, the flowers bloom.
    0:37 Even when the clouds cover the sky, the stars shine.
    0:41 [Like those certainties] I don't have to ask you
    0:45 to know that you still love me.

    0:49 There at the end of the sky,
    0:53 that brightly shining star,
    0:57 when the sun rises, it disappears.
    1:00 And I don't want to be like it.

    1:08 So if you love me,
    1:10 be like that star
    1:12 and always shine your light down on me.
    1:16 I don't mind being blinded by your love.
    1:24 Like that star that is bound forever in the sky,
    1:28 I am bound by your pain.
    1:32 I have no means to move.
    1:36 I will always be here for you.

    1:48 Even when it rains, the flowers bloom.
    1:52 Even when the clouds cover the sky, the stars shine.

    1:56 I don't have to ask you
    2:00 to know that you still love me.

    2:04 Like dew on a small flower petal,
    2:08 like that star at the end of the sky,

    2:11 when the sun rises once again,
    2:16 I don't want to disappear.
    2:20 Instead, I will always be here for you.


    Many thanks to jasper for providing the source footage on such short notice, beta-ing, and for poking me to finish. Thanks also to Eunju & Shouya for helping out with the Japanese text and translation.

    This video is available from the local server in the .mp4 container with video and audio encoded in H.264 and AAC formats, respectively. To play this video, I recommend that you download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack (please be sure to follow the instructions on their wiki!). If you don't like the idea of a codec pack, you can play the file using VLC Media Player. Both of these methods have good reputations and are highly recommended.

    Special thanks to Ileia for hosting the XviD version. This is a lower quality/resolution version, so please try to view the local version if you can.

    Feedback is always, always appreciated. So please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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