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  • Member: Sivis
  • Title: Moments of Love and Silence
  • Premiered: 2007-06-01
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    • Panu Aaltio When Time Slips Away
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    Best Drama (Judges' & Audience's Choice) at Animecon V

    When I first heard this song I just knew I had to do something to it and later when I finished watching Kannazuki no Miko the video started to form in my head. Overall I am pretty happy about the video even though I wanted to be a little less vague at some scenes, but, hey, at least it gives viewer's imagination some freedom ;)

    From the technical point, those long violins were pain as the scenes were a bit too short for those so I had to slow them down quite a lot, and it caused some of the scenes to be a bit jerky. Also I left some of the "lip-flap" intact as I thought those would be scenes they would be actually talking :/

    And I almost forgot.. VEGAS HATES ME!

    The song is available for download here:

    And composer's website can be found from

    Local version is encoded with x264, but larger (and probably crappier) XviD version is available as direct download.

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