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  • Member: Kalium
  • Title: Knighthood
  • Premiered: 2007-05-31
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    • Hammerfall Blood Bound
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  • Comments: It's taken me a long time to get this far. My LiveJournal indicates that I started editing this thing sometime in mid-February 2006. Since then, it's been past two ACen, many months of total slack-ass apathy, and now it's done. More or less. I think I finished this out of sheer stubbornness as much as anything else. In the sense that I've finished the video, this is a success.

    That said, you're not here to read about how much I suck. You're here for the video.

    Well, Knighthood was initially conceived as an examination of the relationship between Shannon and Zefiris. I felt (and until recently, still did) that their relationship needed more attention. I found the dynamic at work there interesting. However, I also personally dislike Pacifica. About a minute and a half into Knighthood, I figured something out: Pacifica is the linchpin of their relationship. Without her, the whole thing pretty much falls apart.

    Unfortunately for me, I suck at stitching together a plot from whole cloth. So, I was left trying to pick up the pieces. It really didn't work so well. The astute viewer will notice that while this starts off as a sort of action/drama hybrid, by the end it's almost pure action. That's a direct result of me realizing I had no way to make the plot make sense and filling it in with Shannon and Zefiris kicking Peacemaker ass. The video fell apart, and in that sense it's a failure.

    Oh well. Enjoy the action.

    Bandai, your DVDs suck. Hardcore.

    Thanks to all my beta testers, and special thanks to Jasper-Isis who helped me work out footage cleanup waaay back when.

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