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  • Member: hfp_creators
  • Studio: Hot Fudge Productions
  • Title: Ghostbusters
  • Premiered: 2002-09-20
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    • Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters
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  • Comments: Ghostbusters was created during Fall 2000 / Spring 2001. It was the next video we did after Invincible, and in several ways was a very experimental learning piece. It included several firsts for us. It was the first video that we did using Vegas Video (our current video editing program) and the first one we've done where we tried more to create a mood, rather than having a specific theme. It was also the first video we did where we were not both living in the same state.

    Since we had such a strong, thought-through theme for Invincible, we decided to try something different and not come up with a theme for Ghostbusters. Instead we set a goal to create a light-hearted, energetic mood. We wanted to try and create a video that integrated the off-beat energy of Yuu*Yuu*Hakusho in a way that was reminiscent of the off-beat wackiness of the original Ghostbusters movie.

    Ghostbusters was a finalist in the parody category at AWA 2002.

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