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  • Member: KeitaroBaka
  • Title: All The Things Lain Said
  • Premiered: 2003-02-13
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    • TATU all the things she said
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  • Comments: This is my first "real" video. I always thought I wanted to make one, but did not find the right song.

    Then saw a report on the Russian group (well, two girls) Tatu, and when I heard the song I remembered I had heard it before and liked it.

    The rest is about one week of work and learning how difficult making AMVs really is...

    For the original Russian version ("Ya soshla s uma") there is also a video ("Lain soshla s uma").

    Codec note: I recommend to use the ffdshow codec (

    2003-02-14: OK... Breathe... Breathe... I had expected this would cause some traffic. But 2.5GB in not even two days? I tried to move it to another server - I don't have enough space there as it seems, so I had to take the download link off... for the moment...
    2003-02-15: Finally, up again.

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