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  • Member: surfsama
  • Title: Tsuno
  • Premiered: 2007-05-25
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    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
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  • Comments: Hello,
    This is my first AMV and I hope it plays well to the greater AMV community. I have enjoyed watching AMVs throughout the years but always believed they were created by pros in their spare time or multimedia majors. After viewing AMVs on YouTube and eventually finding this site, I decided to jump in and at least try to do one video. I read all the tech-helps from this site and then read them five and six more times. I think a few of the important lines stuck.

    I chose Elfen Lied because I watched it a awhile back and could not find an AMV that quite expressed the message that anime left in me. Hopefully, my attempt to create an unbroken theme from start to finish works.

    To me, this will always be a special AMV as it and I started from nothing. I had never used video editing software before I bought Sony Vegas for this effort. I would lie awake every night trying to figure-out tutorial terms, incessantly searching the internet, and just immerse myself into editing until I got the pieces into a coherent format. The music I chose for this AMV is quite common but I felt it fit well with the theme of the video.

    The following describes my computer hardware and software:
    AMD 64 3700+, 1 GB Corsair XMS memory, Samsung 500GB HD, ATI x850xt video card.
    Sony Vegas MovieMaker 6.0

    I spent approximately 6 weeks working on this video (70% on the video / 30% learning how to use Vegas).

    Since I am still quite the noob at video editing, there are very few special effects. Actually, that was one of the important rules that stuck, "Don't use special effects if they don't add to the story". I felt the ready-made effects did not help the story and the few advanced effects that could were beyond my present capabilities.

    Again, thanks and I hope you find this AMV worth your time.

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