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  • Member: josifer
  • Title: There's Something About Miyuki
  • Premiered: 2003-02-13
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    • Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes
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    I decided to remove the larger 100mb + files until I get my new host setup. My current host who allows me only like 35Gb a month seems to have and a pathetically low hourly cutoff as well. Thus only the first couple people every hour seem to actually get the vids... This will hopefully help until the change is made. Then I'll have a happy 100Gb a month and no hourly limits, yay!


    This one is my second video. I wanted to go for a something completely different. I hope if nothing else I managed to achieve that.

    This one is not so much the story of Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland as much of a profile of Miyuki. It’s set to “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam Ant. The song really seemed to fit her “good-girl” mentality. Good girls crack me up anyway, I don’t understand them but we won’t go there.

    This one has a lot of lip syncing. It’s all done by looping still shots, mouth opened, closed, opened etc. I think that part came out pretty clean. Being this is my second video and my first attempt at lip sync, I do have an all new appreciation for it. I think I put half of Columbia in new shoes with the amount of coffee I consumed during the editing phase.

    I can’t think of any thing else notable to comment on at the moment other than I’m anxious to get it uploaded and be done. I hope you enjoy it.

    And please feel free to submit any comments you might have, good or bad. I learn a lot from them. I’m all about learning, improving and all that other good little grasshopper kinda stuff. I will definitely return the favor too.


    You can download the XVID codec here...

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