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  • Member: Wonderduck
  • Studio: Wonderduck Productions
  • Title: "...Angel."
  • Premiered: 2007-05-26
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  • Song:
    • Hinder Lips Of An Angel
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  • Comments: So I'm at work one day when a song comes on the radio. By the time it was over, this AMV had storyboarded itself in my head. From past experience, I've learned that when inspiration strikes, you've got to run with it, no matter what.

    There have been other concepts for AMVs in my head before, but this one wouldn't go away, never mind that I've never used video editing software before. I knew this one had to be done, or it'd bug me for a long, long time.

    So, with technical assistance from Jeff Lawson of 'Hop Step Jump!', I forged ahead, and learned on the go.

    Nine weeks later, here it is.

    If you've seen Kanon 2006, you know how it ends. But what would happen afterwards to Yuuichi, Ayu and Nayuki? Well, this video could be one of the possibilities. Yuuichi and Ayu have split up for one or another reason, and both have hooked up with other people (Yuuichi with Nayuki, much to her delight, and Ayu with... well, you'll find out). Then one night, the phone rings...

    If you've never seen Kanon 2006, the idea of the video is a little easier to figure out: there's cheatin' going on.

    Hopefully, either group of viewers can enjoy "...Angel." I know I certainly enjoyed the creation of it... even when I wanted to bang my head against a wall because Premiere wasn't working correctly and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Eventually, the problems got sorted out, and the end result is pretty much the way it was pictured in my head. A writeup of the whole process can be found HERE, if you're interested.

    Comments are welcomed... I can't get better if I don't get critiqued, after all.

    (note: a character from Air shows up briefly)

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