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  • Member: lynit
  • Studio: SpekHead Studios
  • Title: The Two Prodigies
  • Premiered: 2007-05-24
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    • Boy Kill Boy Civil Sin
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  • Comments: Arrgh, welcome back. I'm `Eclipse as you know me (Dark Velocity EX if you want to be more specific.) =D
    First off, I must say that this video is not in wmv format. It's in .mp4. If you are having problems playing it, you may need to download CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). You can download it from
    BTW, this video contains huge spoilers. If you haven't watched up to Death Note 25, stop, go watch it, then watch this vid =D

    The Idea
    This is, if you haven't noticed already, a Death Note video. I wanted to show the contrast between the two main characters in the early part of the story, Light Yagami and L. I also wanted to show them in a sort of battle, which I hopefully did.

    The Creation
    Well, this is my first video in Vegas (that says something). This video uses a few small effects here and there, and also a lot of stuff I couldn't do in WMM. I'm pretty happy regarding that.
    The footage is from most of the L/Light arc of Death Note (Episodes 1-15, 24-26), with one shot from episode 31, as well as something from the Higuchi storyline as well. It's fansub stuff as the DVDs are not out yet =(

    The video itself took about 3 weeks to complete. The last week was spent going over technical matters and whatnot.

    Finishing Thoughts
    If anything, this is probably my favorite video. I've learned a lot of things during the making of the video which is extremely helpful. Watching it now, I'm pretty happy about it, and hopefully you guys enjoy it too =)


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