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  • Member: gandy
  • Title: How to Save a Life
  • Premiered: 2007-01-26
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    • The Fray How To Save A Life
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    Spoilers for Trigun

    This amv was pretty rushed, since it was actually for a month-long contest that I found about a week before it was due. ^^' However, it did get second, so that's good. We were only given a choice of five songs for this contest, and it took me awhile to pick between this one and Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, but I ended up going with this one and Gertie made an amv with Take Me Out, which won first. It's wickedly awesome.

    Well, I'm not a huge fan of the beginning, but I think it gets better as it goes. I almost used the car scene when he talks about driving, but then I realized I should probably go metaphorically on that one. I don't think that sentence made any sense. Anywho, I think my favorite part is when Wolfwood closes his eyes as Vash opens his. I guess the symbolism gets to me.

    And yes, I made a typo at the end, but I already deleted the file so I can't change it. ;_;

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