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  • Member: Miracle_Falcon
  • Title: Memories of Lelouch: Reasons to be Missed
  • Premiered: 2007-05-22
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    • Linkin Park Leave Out All The Rest
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  • Comments: AMV Watchers one and all, I give you glorious news: I have finally done what I've been saying I'd do for ages, and got Adobe Premiere. That's right. This video was not, in fact, done on windows movie maker. At all. I am very proud of this, and I'm very proud of how this video turned out. I felt that it showed a side of Lelouch that we as viewers often forget to look for: The part of him that's seen by his friends.

    Of course, that's not all this AMV is about. It wouldn't be entertaining if it was just showing Lelouch as a kind hearted person. No, this AMV records his descent into his own Zero persona, how he has become a cause of tragedy. In my opinion, this still beats being Suzaku, but oh well.

    I have yet to touch on one of the main focuses in this AMV, however, which is his relationship with Shirley. The first chorus shows him kissing her in the rain, the second has her when she discovers his identity and tries to shoot him, and the third chorus is where he uses his Geass on her to make her forget their relationship. This fits amazingly well with the lyrics, in my opinion:

    When my time comes
    Forget the wrong that I've done
    Help me leave behind some
    Reasons to be missed
    And don't resent me
    When you're feeling empty
    Keep me in your memories
    Leave out all the rest

    Naturally, the clips saying "when my time comes" have scenes of Lelouch in dramatic moments in the series. I've inserted scenes of destruction Lelouch has caused for the wrongs that he's done, and to contrast that, I then used clips of him having fun with his friends for the "reasons to be missed." The second half of the chorus usually focuses on his relationship with Shirley. I'll leave that to you to watch, as I don't think I can do these justice. The last chorus also encompasses Lelouch killing Euphie. This is meant to show how far he has descended into the Zero identity.

    So there you have it. My first AMV done with Adobe Premiere... Not counting the one I started at Christmas time and didn't finish. I intend to do something about that someday, but that day is not tonight... As I have homework I should be doing. Oh well.

    Leave an opinion. Or I shall have clowns eat you in your sleep. Yes. I can do that.

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