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  • Member: SephirothX
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children : Advent Revolutions
  • Premiered: 2007-03-24
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    • Matrix Revolutions Final Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: Just over a year ago I released "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children : Advent Reloaded" to the public but after reviewing it a few times I felt that there were things I definately could have improved upon. Some of my buddies at DZX were kind of perplexed thinking "You're complaining about a video that went relatively deep into's VCA awards?" and my answer was simply "yes". As I thought about ways to improve the project I eventually started to think "The Matrix sequel / Advent Children idea is still a potent and suprisingly fitting duo... but was using the audio from the Matrix Reloaded trailer the correct sequel to use?" And thus I came upon the newest idea for my project... Advent Revolutions.

    First I started thinking of visual similarities between Matrix Revolutions and Advent Children. Early in the cinematic trailer for Matrix Revolutions the Oracle has the line of 'He is trapped in a place between this world and the machine world' with a picture of Neo coming closer to the camera with white all around him. Instantly my first similarity clicked in with a similar image of Cloud surrounded by white light after being shot by Loz and Yazoo.

    As I continued searching for similarities I found a few very striking ones... specifically some of the ones linking Sephiroth and Kadaj with Agent Smith and Bane (the man Smith clons himself onto to gain access to the real world). Kadaj is a carrier of Sephiroth, so beneath the flesh of Kadaj in a sense looms Cloud's true nemesis... Sephiroth... "Look past the flesh, and see your enemy".

    The greatest challenge for this remake/sequel to my "Advent Reloaded" project came very early in the overall project however. In the very opening of the Matrix Revolutions trailer you see Neo standing before a giant machine rising before him known as Deus Ex Machina, the machine that Neo bargains with to bring peace. My greatest challege was attempting to recreate that scene for Advent Revolutions, I could have taken an easy approach like I have seen similar projects do and just superimpose an image of Cloud over Neo in the standard trailer footage... But doing that would have just seemed below me and would have taken away from the project, I wanted to do more then that.

    Before this project I had never sat down in depth and used After Effects, and thus no 'AE' effects had ever appeared in my previous videos. But after carefully thinking about things an idea sparked in my head as to the greatest way to recreate the Deus Ex Machina scene from Revoltuions, the footage I needed was in both Advent Children and the Final Fantasy 7 game itself involving the Ultimate Weapon enemy from FF7 and the scene with Cloud looking over Midgar with his old buster sword. With definate help from a close friend of mine, and new DZX Productions member 'Waffle King', the final cut of that scene turned out beautifully for a first attempt at this kind of effect that you shall see.

    After the Deus Ex sequence was completed, the entire project came to fruition and made its public debut at Anime Detour 2007 where it recieved a thunderous ovation that went unmatched during the entire AMV competition. The video in its debut won the Best In Show award, the award given to the best video regardless of genre, and is the first video I have ever recieved award-winning recognition for.

    As pointed out this video is my first attempt at doing a couple of various effects that would enhance the experience and connection between Advent Children and Matrix Revolutions. This is hands down my personal greatest video achievement and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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