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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Starglow Gravion
  • Premiered: 2007-05-18
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Pillar Frontline
  • Anime:
  • Comments: So I was busy making things for MEP's and this kinda evolved outta a MEP entry i had made (SPOILER ALERT!!).
    I thought it was a neat little vid but it's not quite what the MEP was after so I compromised, I made this for me and another version for the MEP ;)~
    That is why it's so short.
    I was really stuck while editing this on how to hit a bunch of beats at the end... no matter how i cut it it just didn't work ; . ;
    So along came Starglow, this vid is lacking ki-rin or man rape but there is much Starglow rape.

    I have honnestly never made the amount of stupid mistakes editing as i have making this video, the whole thing has been remade 4 times from scratch.
    Things I learnt:
    1.)Don't convert PAL to NTSC then import it into premiere using PAL settings when the MEP is NTSC.
    2.) Once you have made that stupid mistake you can't change the fps... you need to start from scratch.
    3.)you don't need to start from scratch you can import the 25fps into a 29.970fps project... but it no longer sync's
    4.) Unlink your audio and check that it's not on another layer otherwise you will rape peoples ears.
    5.) There's ghosting yesss, that's because of how i deinterlaced,
    Minion- use Telecide on PAL that's what EADFAG says
    Autraya- I tried Telecide Decimate and it always is jerky
    Minion- who said anything about Decimate?
    Autraya-... jerky video... decimate, I is stoopid
    6.) Don't direct streamcopy a huffyuv using avs and crop/change options at the same time... it's huge
    7.) When trying to remove the top and bottom 4 pixels, do not crop like this
    Autraya - Crop(0,4,0,476)
    or this
    Minion - Crop (4,0,-4,0)
    8.) No one notices the 8 missing pixels...
    9.) don't use a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of your audio
    10.) Not cutting and pasting the whole address of the link = PHAIL
    11.) Don't sync you whole video to the audio track you couldn't see but was playing, when you remove it it no longer syncs
    12.)If at first the plug-in doesn't work wait a month
    13.) Never be nice to Minion, it gets recorded for all time

    Editing time not including stuffups:2.5 hours
    Including stuff ups: 30+ hours
    Programs: AVS, Premiere Pro, Virtualdubmod and the usual suspects

    All you need to know about what you're about to watch:

    MINION: "Think i might chop it up and just loop the intro :| fanservicewin"
    REQUIETT: "This vid cured my skin cancer with rainbow therapy."

    Thanks to:
    PRODIGI: for the music even tho i butchered it on you
    MINION: for laughing at my technical problems and helping me dig my way deeper into "totally fucking screwed" land but helping me dig my way back out
    LOCKSTOCK: for not laughing where i could hear you everytime something went wrong

    NOTE: it's a h.264 encoded at 2000kbps on 'insane settings', if you can't play it either you need to download CCCP or your computer sucks to much to play this file. I am not putting up an Xvid .avi

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