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  • Member: Kristyrat
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Hallowed Rage
  • Premiered: 2007-05-11
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    • X-Ray Dog Fangs (Krat Edit)
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  • Comments: Well, again not much to say about this video. I definately put a lot more work into it than Scythian Vengeance, though it was also somewhat rushed, I felt a lot better about the final outcome. This was my entry to Action at Acen, and seeing the competition, I didn't expect much :P

    Essentially, I'd been listening to this song(s) for a while, and the trumpet segment always sounded so badass, I knew I wanted to edit something to it. I had just recently acquired Mononoke (yay, sale at the Comic Book Shoppe) and I just saw the two fitting together very nicely. After some quick edits to blend the two tracks, I was pretty much off to the races, editing in a fairly short timeframe, iron chef style. In the end, I really wanted to explore the idea of a greater meaning, and perhaps the consequences of acting against the 'greater gods'.

    I definately feel I put quite a bit of intensity into this video, and that hopefully the ending keeps people somewhat on their toes, as I myself always enjoy something mildly ambiguous or open-ended. Big thanks to any and all my beta testers, I honestly can't recall everyone, so rather than have excluded one or two people, I'll just give a general gratitude. You guys were probably responsible for any little tweaks in this video :P

    Per usual, the local version is the HQ mp4, Direct link is only recommended if you can't play the mp4, it's a lower quality XviD



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