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  • Member: godix
  • Studio: My studio is so cool that you all suck to much to join it.
  • Title: OMG It's the best video ever made! How can anyone ever beat perfection like this? You should all bow down and worship me right now.
  • Premiered: 2007-05-11
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    • Dead Kennedys I like short songs
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  • Comments: This is without a doubt the best video on the org. It's a little on the short side but I think I've packed quite an impact in that small amount of time.

    Someone commented that the video seemed to drag on a little towards the end. After viewing it I can see where they're coming from. However I like the ending as it is. But for those who don't, I made a condensed version available.

    There is a noticeable lack of effects in the original version of this video. Some people like really shiny things so I've made another exciting variation! A rip off of Decoy's technique beats!

    Quadir thought the whole thing was visually boring so I made a drugged version just for him.

    Every good video needs a touch of emo so there's now a emo version as well.

    Just to note, some people are having problems downloading it. Their problem is the file name size. Windows has a limit of, I think, 255 characters in the filename AND directory/subdirectories. So if you try downloading it into a subdirectory that has a somewhat long name you're going to run into problems. Try downloading it to the root C: drive instead. Or just stick with the alternate versions above, they have far shorter filenames.

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