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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: Fine Again
  • Premiered: 2003-02-09
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    • Seether Fine Again
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  • Comments: Dear ChrisCaboose on YouTube - I made this video 3 years ago. You are a tool.

    Third Lens Open Productions is proud to announce that Fine Again was a finalist in the Anime Boston 2003 AMV competition. Although it didn't win any awards, it recieved a warm round of applause, and we're happy with how it stood up to many of the other videos.

    Fine Again an attempt to tap into the emotion of Evangelion, through the hard-pounding lyrics of Seether. That was the original goal, and as such we made this video as clean-cut as possible, with very few transitional fades (except for the opening and the end of the bridge). It touches on all of the characters, and any fan of Evangelion will appriciate the occasionally deeper meaning in each scene that is used.

    Although our first AMV, Warning, went through multiple remakes and retools (the last version is 2.1), Fine Again will not go through the same process. It had it's moment in the spotlight, but now there are bigger fish to fry, and different anime out there to use. Although TLO has another Eva video in the queue, we intend on bringing you a few different vids first. You may see Fine Again appearing at another convention or two, but it is unlikely that TLO will be represented in person.

    Thank you, and enjoy.
    -DOKool, TLO Productions

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