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  • Member: Reigna
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Chelloveck Devotchka
  • Premiered: 2007-05-11
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    • The Graduate The Formula
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  • Comments: The concept for this amv came from me wanting to showcase an amazing, yet underappreciated, anime series as well as a growing indie band. After watching all of Koi Kaze one day over winter break, I knew that I'd be able to make the concept a realization with some help from The Graduate's song "The Formula". As for my goals with this project, they were simply to continue developing my skills as a newer editor, while trying out some different things and learning stuff. The thing about this video that sets it apart from my previous works is the fact that I edited the majority of it while being on Skype. This was something different for me, and it ended up making the overall experience of editing this much more enjoyable.

    Just want to recognize a few people for their help with the vid. A special thanks to Moonlight Soldier, trythil, CrackTheSky, Koopiskeva, and AtomX for being great beta testers. Also, a big thanks to *inverse* for beta testing and being awesome. Thanks to everyone over at VNS (Kisanzi, Kristyrat, Valion, SenshiMamoru, and Aerialesque) for consistently helping with any issues that came up. The person I have to thank the most here though is Aerialesque, for being there almost the entire time I was editing this, for beta testing, for putting up with any ranting, for getting through that week before the acen deadline, for loving The Graduate as much as me, and just for being great. Thanks buddy. :)

    Oh, and the title is actually a reference to Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange. The Graduate's EP I got the song from is called 'Horrorshow', which is also a reference to the fictional language used in the novel. Yes, I know it's not actually correct Russian, but that's how it is in the book, so I kept it.

    Any comments, feedback, and/or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!

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