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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Realities of Roy and Oland
  • Premiered: 2007-06-07
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    • Cowboy Bebop Movie OST Is it real ?
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  • Comments: I wanted to make a Solty Rei amv.
    I wanted to make an amv using "Is it real".
    But I didn't have enough footage to marry those two together.

    Several monthes later, while watching Pumpkin Scissors, I realize it could match quite well with this old project. I didn't do any multi-anime amv before, so it was another good reason to mix those two together.

    Here is the concept.
    Roy lives in the past, trying to revive his daughter, and he hates his present, where he has lost everything.
    Oland lives in the present, trying to revive his humanity, and he hates his past, where he was nothing more than a killing machine.
    Both of them are haunted of images from the past, slowly loosing the grip on the present.
    Their realities finally melt into each others, as they fight each other, the opposite goals for the same feelings ...
    ... and finally meet the same end.

    The main difficulty was video quality issues, because two different animes means two different encodings (worse : I've used Solty Rei episodes from different fansubs ! ^^ ).
    Editing two opposite animes into one was quite interesting. But I still need to improve my avisynth mastery ... T_T

    Anyway, enjoy probably the only Solty Scissors (or Pumpkin Rei ? ) amv out there. :)

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