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  • Member: Niwa
  • Studio: Rokujinshou Productions
  • Title: Whisper In The Dark
  • Premiered: 2007-05-06
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  • Song:
    • Skillet Whispers In The Dark
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  • Comments: Local link - (u can op after downloading this, if u feel like it thats it :p)

    Another project after 5 months since my ''Right Now'' video released. I have been lazy the whole time and actually took school a bit more serious after starting my first term. I started to listen to a group named by Skillet when I first saw this amv that had this awesome song ''Whisper In The Dark'' I don't really remember the creator of it but it was actually pretty good but I wanted to make Elfen Lied something of it. The lyrics was like the perfect match for the series and I had this new ideas coming through my mind everytime i listens to it when im traveling to school.

    At februari, Ive been informed about a certain Domokon which is the second biggest anime/manga convention, what I have heard. Well it turned out that id give it a try and the theme for this year AMV contest was the ''7 dödsynderna'', Im not really sure whats its called in english but its about ''Jelousy,Anger etc'' I was really lucky then and made my move on doing that Elfen Lied I been thinking to do with Skillet ''Whisper In The Dark''. It started off softly with some saturation settings and a cookie cutter that i made in photoshop. It was my first time playing with Color Balance RBG and HLS and it was really a handy, I almost used it on the whole amv or most of the part to create that atmosphere i wanted to have. I did some few maskings in the way most of all in the beginning and the end that took me a lot of time ;__; but i just had to do it to make a good intro and a good closure. There was numerous of new effects I tried out this time such as ''Grain'' that made my choruses to a kind of horror mode. And I also used ''Find Edge'' on many kind of places but most mostly in the end.

    So my idea with video is about getting involved with all three Diclonious (Lucy,Mariko and Nana) To get some view of their terrifying background and their feelings. The easiest part was of course Lucy since its our main character of the series and as for the difficult part it was probably Nanas. It's a pity since she is not really much involved on those action scenes. As for Mariko's part it was pretty easy. The day before the contest i had a huge problem coming up with an idea from 2:40- and on. I had no idea because ive already used up most of the ''good scenes'' for this verse. So i rushed things and made randomly that turned out quite bad according Greggus1. The end ended up too sudden and doesnt really give a proper closure at all.

    When the day was finally here, I handed over my entry and hoped it would go good. Unfortunately there was only 3 entries that was actually kinda sad but i cant blame too much since the theme was a hard one this year. First entry had all the ''1
    7 dödssynderna'' and made in a funny way that the public would like it and succeded aswell. Second entry was kinda lame... but one of the theme was involved whatsoever (lust) and had Ouran High School Host Club with some hippie techo song that was really annoying. After the viewing I thought i was defeated because i always knew that they were going to count by the public votes and mine wasnt really repealling :p But it turned out that they decided on a jury vote that suprised me because they always use the ''public vote'' otherwise. They announced the results 3 hours later and with a '':O'' face i WON! The jury made a sentence that it was the best video he have ever seen participating a swedish con ever. I didnt knew how to react but i felt happy about it but they didnt need to go so far as for the ''best vid ever''.The prices was two Tsubasa Chronicles dolls *kewl stuff* and some dvds :3 yay.

    After being at the con i had to suffer a lot of shit from school that i skipped during that week i was away. I thought of completing the video once i came home but i didnt work so well. The schoolworks was the hindrance so i had nearly had no chance fixing video by then but after some weeks hard working i was finally done. I started editing immediatly and changed a lot of things after some awesome feedbacks from Reigna and Greggus1 most of the part. Aerialesque watched the video numerous times and helped me too along the way. She even came up with the smart way resizing my aspect ration. I was told by Stolen Soul that i had the wrong aspect so i had to resize it. By aspect ratio Bauzi even explained me those things and im really grateful it.The verses that was the spotlight but some certain flow with those flashes thats appears at the near end what i have heard from Crackthesky and Jade_Eyed_Angel. I agreed it looked weird on one of those parts so i made a small adjustement. The closure was a sudden and a failure so i planned making it through those last seconds with some kinkeh stuffz i just couldnt figure out after days... Crackthesky said to me to make ordinary since the video is pretty much it and Full Metal Sempai about something kewl. Well i ended up masking that chibi lucy that took me almost 2 hours (it was about 37 photoshop layers) as for the drummrolls on the background i just simplyput some random footage i used before and make it saturated and with a opacity of 50% so its wanst really that visible. As soon that was done i figured out a kewl idea about using that font in the poster a cookie cutter and made the sync inside of it meanwhile having the same outside of it with ''black and white'' and ''find edge'' The mix worked really fine and for the finshing i made a flash appearance on both the masked lucy from the poster and the text. It tooked me a while thinking that out but i should really be thanking my beta testers without them i wouldnt get this completed for a long time.

    Technical Stuff:
    Program Used: Adobe Premiere 1.5, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Avisynth and MeGUI

    Special Thanks:
    Aerialesque - watched it some severals times and helped solve that aspect ration problem i had in a easier way :) *give cake*
    Reigna - made an awesome feedback that helped me a lot, cakes for u too :)
    Bauzi - explained me stuff about avisynth and more.
    Stolen Soul - told me the correct aspect ratio.
    Greggus1 - he also made a kickass feedback that helped me through!
    Kaxi - corrected some sync issues and learned me the mp4 encoding :) big thankies!
    Jade_Eyed_Angel - pointed out some parts that needed to change, brick !
    Crackthesky - helped me through some technical stuffz :o
    Full Metal Sempai - came up with some great ideas for the video.

    And thanks for the others who have seen the betas :)

    Despite the lies that you're making
    Your love is mine for the taking
    My love is
    Just waiting
    To turn your tears to roses

    I will be the one that's gonna hold you
    I will be the one that you run to
    My love is
    A burning, consuming fire

    You'll never be alone
    When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars
    Hear my whispers in the dark
    You'll never be alone
    When darkness comes you know I'm never far
    Hear my whispers in the dark

    You feel so lonely and ragged
    You lay here broken and naked
    My love is
    Just waiting
    To clothe you in crimson roses

    I will be the one that's gonna find you
    I will be the one that's gonna guide you
    My love is
    A burning, consuming fire

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