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  • Member: meleechampion
  • Title: How to tastefully edit your AMV for conventions.
  • Premiered: 2007-05-05
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    • Weezer Only In Dreams
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  • Comments: EDIT: GIANT SPOILER WARNING erm.. yeah. Whoops. If you're watching Eureka Seven and have not yet gotten to episode 26 then avoid.

    My second AMV, and my first award! I actually used my own DVDs and spent a lot of time reading guides so I could do it right, compression and all. I'm not sure if seeing the anime helps you enjoy the video, but I used episode 26 almost exclusively (like most every other E7 AMV, it seems) so if you're following the series... well (edited: see above). Other than that you should know that this is intended for con viewing, hence the corny jokes in the first minute. I hope you enjoy watching it and please leave a comment!

    Tools used;
    A strange unholy hybrid of AMVapp 2.1 and 3(beta)
    Adobe Premiere Pro 7

    Thanks goes out to Petro for his opinion on the beta, the forum members who encouraged me to shorten my video from it's original 8 minutes, and most of all to my friends and family who "put up with" er, I mean "encouraged/supported" me.

    Also, don't ask me why a drama video won best action because I really don't know. =D

    P.S. There is no listing for JACON's 2007 AMV contest, I'll add it when they do.

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