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  • Member: Big Big Truck
  • Studio: Big Big Truck Productions
  • Title: Robo-tastic
  • Premiered: 1998-10-08
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  • Song:
    • Rusted Root Ecstasy
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  • Comments: ANIME: Giant Robo 1-6
    MUSIC: "Ecstasy" by Rusted Root
    SYSTEM: 3-deck SVHS analog editor
    CONTESTS: AWA 4 (best Action), A-kon 10 (no award)

    I'd known for a while that I wanted to make a Giant Robo music video... I couldn't decide on the music, though. I wanted to do something retro, so I kept thinking Stones, but nothing fit.
    One night that summer (1998), I was driving back home from my friend Ed's house listening to my ex-boyfriend's copy of "When I Woke" (yes I gave it back to him, eventually) when "Ecstasy" came on, and I was like, "AAAAH! THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE SONG I GOTTA USE!"
    So when I got back to college, I set to work on that and my Eva "Army of Me" video. Actually, the Eva vid was the first AMV I ever did, and it totally sucks ass.
    But that's not the point.

    I had loads of fun making this vid... I was pretty pleased that my first foray into AMVs resulted in taking home the Best Action prize from AWA. Yay me.
    "When I Woke" is a fantastic album. I'll probably do another RR video someday. Since you can't understand the singer, you don't have to worry about lyric matching ;-)

    * This was the second music video I ever completed; I actually was working on it at the same time as the *first* video I ever completed.
    So yes, I know it's going to suck compared to most stuff out there. However, some folks still like this one, and I still kind of like it a bit too.
    * If you look closely, you can see the point at which I finally began the hang of editing.
    * There are a lot of errors here - some off-beat edits, dropped frames, etc. I was hesitant about putting this online, but then I thought, you know what? Opinions don't really make a difference here because 1. this vid is 3 years old, 2. I'm using a different setup and have much more editing experience now, and 3. it shows where I started, not where I am now.
    So I hope you enjoy the vid, but whether you do or don't, learn from the plethora of mistakes in here.

    * I think my favorite part of the video is either the soft guitar solo where the footage focuses on the tragic Ginrei & Genya, or when it builds into the final chorus with the flashback footage of Von Folger. Also like the cut to black on the last note.
    * I don't like the way the train chase footage was cut in the first verse (a few dropped frames there), or the first "military machine" line with Issei spinning. I edited those twice but never really got them the way I wanted to.

    * JUST after I finished this video, Giant Robo volume 7 came out stateside. Grr. I should redo it someday when I run out of new ideas.

    Upload coming as soon as I can figure out how to get TMPGenc to open the 720x540 MPEG2 file so I can resize it.

    "OH! Look out Paris! We have a permeable membrane!" - Meph

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